Time To Batten Down The Hatches And Be Winter-ready!

The summer is over (though the odd sunny hour may break through here and there, we’re definitely past the sunbathing-in-the-garden season). We’ve seen rainy days and the temperature has dropped from what we enjoyed during July and August. It won’t be long before the first frosts appear.

This is the optimum time to give your premises a full clean, inside and outside. A deep clean is not just for after winter, as you may believe; because, by then, the ingrained dust, grit and weeds that have accumulated and flourished during the nice weather in all your nooks and crannies will have done their damage.

It’s always cheaper and easier to maintain than repair. Cleaning the entire area outside can reveal cracks and areas of concern that need addressing before the bad weather goes on a rampage.

The interior of your offices/premises would benefit from a good autumn (and winter) clean as well as a spring clean. During bad weather and over the winter months, your staff will be dragging in mud, dead vegetation and similar grime as they walk in and out; to keep the same standards of cleanliness as the rest of the year, you will likely need to clean more often. Set up a continuous, routine clean with Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services and it’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about, and your offices will never look like they’re drowning in their own filth!

Pristine can clean your roof as well as the rest of your exterior, whatever the height of your building or however awkward its shape. The roof of your building is the most important aspect to address; if water has the potential to get in through the roof, it could cost thousands to repair the ensuing damage. Water expands when it’s cold, too, so even if it’s a hairline crack now, it won’t stay that way. Remember: not all potential disasters can be seen from the ground…an exterior overhaul and roof clean from Pristine can reveal much more than good-as-new, shiny buildings.

If you think that an autumn and/or winter deep clean is an unnecessary expense, consider the cost of any reconstructive work. It’s not just the cost of repairs following winter’s worst, but staff downtime and lost business whilst rudimentary work is carried out – don’t take the chance.

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