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Industrial cleaning is the cleaning of industrial premises and so usually takes place in ‘industrial’ buildings. But how does that compare to commercial cleaning and commercial premises you may ask? Well industrial cleaning is different in that it is generally on a much bigger scale and usually involves more hazards. As an example, cleaning offices would be classified as commercial cleaning whereas cleaning factories, warehouses or mills would generally be classed as industrial cleaning.

So, then the question becomes what premises are classified as industrial?

Types of Premises

The types of premises that we would classify as industrial premises would include:

  • All types of manufacturing facilities including everything from food factories to breweries to manufacturers of industrial equipment and machines to car production lines and energy plants to name just some of the types of businesses.
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  • Storage and distribution centres up and down the country including warehouses stocking all the goods that get transported to supermarkets, shops and even to our door of course.
  • Most premises that are multi-purpose where there most likely will be offices as well as manufacturing or research and development laboratories, or showrooms or even data centres.

These types of premises generally require the industrial cleaning operatives and teams to have different training and skills compared to the commercial cleaners. They need to be trained to use different equipment too. Of course, they will need to be aware of the dangers and hazards they may face from the environment depending on the nature of the industrial facility. Hazards can range from chemicals, paints and lubricants to heavy machinery and unsteady storage of products on shelves as well as potentially the cleaning products used to remove dirt and dust.

Examples of Industrial Cleaning Services

The industrial cleaning services vary as much as the industrial facilities themselves. At Pristine, we regularly provide industrial cleaning services to clean the following:

  • Factory and warehouse floors, ceilings, walls and windows
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  • Industrial machinery including food production lines and conveyors for example
  • Storage facilities such as warehouses and distribution centres and including loading bays as well as the areas around these buildings
  • Large external facades including all the premises above
  • Energy plants including blow outs from energy recycling plants for example
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  • Construction and building sites
  • Cleaning of extraction equipment, filters and air vents
  • Steel frame cleaning (as shown opposite

There are some cleaning projects that we would classify as industrial simply because of the sheer size of the operation as well as the type of substrate we are cleaning away. As an example, we’ve cleaned an outdoor lido to enable it to be used again and would classify this as industrial cleaning.

Trying to list all the industrial cleaning services is very difficult as the reality is everything needs cleaning and even with over 30 years’ experience we do occasionally come across a new challenge or different location. However, with our expertise we can generally complete the clean for the client.

Industrial cleaning can involve one-off deep cleans, but as with all cleaning and maintenance an agreed schedule of cleaning is always best to ensure your facility and your machinery works now and lasts longer. Scheduled cleans also help to reduce the likelihood of machinery or production lines breaking down which of course leads to unforeseen downtime and often unplanned costs which will almost certainly be higher than an agreed cleaning and maintenance contract.

You can find out more about our Industrial Cleaning Services here.

Equipment for Industrial Cleaning

The types of equipment we use for industrial cleaning varies widely. The equipment can be expensive to buy as it is generally more powerful than your standard cleaning equipment and more tailored to the job in hand.

Types of equipment will include:

  • Industrial grade vacuum cleaners – more powerful than your home hoover, these vacuum cleaners can vacuum clean large areas and larger debris without any problems.
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  • Power Washers (often also called Pressure Washers) – for industrial applications pressure washers generally have more power than washers available for residential use. As an example, the industrial pressure washers may wash at anywhere between 7,000 and 50,000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) compared to residential ones that will vary between 1,000 and 3,000 PSI. Clearly the cleaning teams need to be trained in the use of such powerful cleaning equipment.
  • Steam cleaners – these machines use steam rather than water to clean the surfaces and are generally most appropriate for use on areas that are delicate or require preserving. At Pristine, we use DOFF Steam Cleaners although of course there are other brands available.
  • Scrubber dryers – generally used on floors, the Scrubber Dryer comes in a wide range of options including walk-behind and ride-on models. The Scrubber Dryer uses water to clean the surface before then drying the area often with one sweep or pass.
  • Floor sweepers – these sweepers use a rotary brush system to sweep up surface debris into a waste container, but do not use water to clean the area. These machines generally have excellent dust extraction.

Of course, there are numerous other industrial cleaning machines available. Pristine has a selection of machines which we have invested in where the equipment is needed on a regular basis. We also hire equipment as needed to ensure we use the right equipment for each job.

Occasionally going back to traditional methods is the only way and this can include:

  • Cloths and elbow grease
  • Mops and buckets

As Tracie Dudley Shaw, Director at Pristine highlights, “Having the right equipment for the project is crucial to the success of the cleaning. We will consider what machines are needed as part of completing a quote for a customer, so the client gets no nasty surprises on invoicing for the work.”

Accreditations and Regulations

Setting up a cleaning company in the UK does not require the company or individuals setting up the company to hold any specific or special licences, and that’s whether you’re hiring a cleaner for your home, or a commercial or industrial cleaning company for your workplace.

You can check out reviews to see whether a company is reputable as well as check out their About Us page. We recommend you check for membership of relevant cleaning bodies too. Getting an idea of the level of experience and background of the owners will also be worth considering.

When hiring a company or individual there will be some insurances you would want to see in place, and this is covered next. However, in terms of accreditations, you would hope the industrial cleaning company holds a range of relevant qualifications as well as being members of appropriate industry bodies that perhaps also offer training.

These may include ConstructionLine, CSCS (The Construction Skills Certification Scheme), SafeContractor, and PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ & Manufacturers’ Association Ltd). Pristine is a member of these bodies and more including CHAS and Achilles as well as the British Window Cleaning Academy.

You can check out the Pristine Accreditations and Certifications here.


When it comes to insurances, it really is worth checking your commercial cleaning contractor has the appropriate insurances in place to cover:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance

You can ask for their insurance certificates.


There’s little doubt that industrial cleaning is not just cleaning. It requires training, experience and the right equipment because industrial cleaning is naturally more hazardous than residential or commercial cleaning.

It requires specialist knowledge and know how as well as specialist equipment, and Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services certainly has this. For more information on Pristine’s Industrial Cleaning Services and to see how we can help you, call us on calling us on 0800 7311 763, email info@pccsl.co.uk or use our Quote form.

Finally, if you want to provide feedback on this article just leave a comment. Thank you.

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