What Is Contract Cleaning?

Contract cleaning is the process of outsourcing of your workplace or domestic cleaning to professional cleaners who will charge a set fee per month for their services which helps to avoid hidden costs and hassle.

What is Contract Cleaning?

We posted this question on our social media channels recently, on LinkedIn and Facebook and received a lot of engagement from the post which made us think it would be worth explaining in more detail what contract cleaning is, what the benefits of contract cleaning are and who can benefit from contract cleaning. We answer all these questions and more in the article below.

Looking at commercial contract cleaning, a commercial enterprise will hire a commercial cleaner to carry out cleaning at their premises on a regular basis. How regular that service is provided can vary and is agreed prior to the start of any cleaning contract. The service may be provided daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly depending on what is agreed. The nature of the cleaning services will also be agreed as it may include cleaning of certain areas of your premises on a more or less regular basis.

Often the contract cleaning company will work with the client to come up with a service that ensures the premises are cleaned but also reflect how the premises are being used. Looking at where there is heavy usage and footfall for example and where there is less usage. It makes sense commercially to clean light usage areas less frequently, although all areas require cleaning during the course of the year at regular intervals.

What are the benefits of a contract cleaning service?

There are a range of benefits to hiring a contract cleaning company and using their services, compared to bringing in cleaners on an ad hoc basis, and these include:

  1. Lower cost – generally the commercial cleaning company will charge less when you enter into a cleaning contract as the company has the advantage of a regular contract and can plan staffing accordingly. It’s a win-win situation since, as the customer, you receive a better rate whilst the cleaning company has the commitment of regular work to help cover overheads and staffing.
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  2. Lower refurbishment costs – as you have a cleaning company cleaning your premises on a regular basis, you are actually looking after your floors, windows, ceilings, gutters, etc. By having this, you are less likely to encounter problems and your building and it’s fixtures and fittings will simply last longer. The need for a complete refresh or refurbishment is reduced or in some cases eliminated.
  3. Trained cleaning professionals – if you contract with the right commercial cleaning company, you’ll have cleaners visit your premises on a regular basis that will clean your workplace professionally, using the best and most appropriate cleaning equipment and cleaning products. You should expect and receive a great cleaning job every time.
  4. The right equipment – whatever the job at hand, the professional cleaning company will have all the necessary equipment from the basics of cloths and cleaners through to steam cleaning equipment and other specialist equipment as needed. And with the right equipment the job can be done more efficiently and effectively, and without you needing to buy or hire any specialist equipment which may be needed only periodically.
  5. Less hassle – again, if you partner with the right type of commercial contract cleaning company, the hassle factor is significantly reduced. You’ll be able to work with one cleaning company who will be able to help with all your cleaning requirements from the regular office cleaning to cleaning factory machines and even removing oil from your parking areas. On top of this you’ll ideally have the same personnel from the cleaning company cleaning your premises as agreed. They’ll get to know what works for you and what you need so that the cleaning can be done to your exacting standards.
  6. Building your business – you may wonder how employing a contract cleaning company could possibly help with building your business. Well, the reality is, if you’ve got your cleaning sorted, you can concentrate on what you do best which is providing your products or services to your clients. You’ll not need to be worrying about cleaning or even looking for any issues your workplace might have, you can simply leave it with the professional cleaning company.
  7. Company image – related to building your business, having a clean workplace, inside and out, helps to provide the right image for your company. When inviting clients and prospects to our offices, factories, warehouses, etc., we want to create the right impression and a clean, decluttered workplace provides for a positive first impression.
  8. Tailored to your needs – the commercial cleaning company will provide your cleaning services at a time to suit you, not at a time to suit them. If you need cleaning to take place in the evenings or at weekends so that you team aren’t disturbed during their working hours, then that’s what needs to be agreed and provided.
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  9. Staff productivity and morale – linked to flexibility, if the cleaning is undertaken outside of your standard working hours, the cleaning will not disturb your team’s work. On top of this though is the fact that a clean working environment has been proven to have a positive effect on staff productivity. A clean desk policy doesn’t just help with productivity, in these difficult times, it also helps reduce the spread of nasty viruses and germs too like COVID-19. Let’s be honest a messy office or workplace provides distractions and will undoubtedly affect concentration on the work tasks. You don’t need to take our word for it though – check out the Harvard Business Review article by Libby Sander entitled ‘The Case for Finally Cleaning Your Desk1 which highlights the need to remove clutter and mess to reduce stress and anxiety.
  10. Health & Safety – there has never been a more important time to partner with a contract cleaning company. The regular, professional cleaning of your workplace will reduce the likelihood of your team’s spreading virus and germs, not just the Coronavirus, but also the flu virus, colds and other allergies.
  11. Peace of mind – using a contract cleaning company takes away the hassle and allows you to get on with what you do best, whilst leaving the professional cleaning company to do what they do best too. You know your cleaning is taken care of with a contract based on what you need on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

This is our list of benefits and no doubt there are more, but this is our top 11 reasons to partner with a commercial contract cleaning company for regular contract cleaning services.

Who can benefit from a contract cleaning service?

All commercial premises can benefit from a contract cleaning service including:

  • Offices
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  • Warehouses and factories
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Mills
  • Car dealerships and garages
  • Nursing homes
  • Public sector and government buildings
  • Supermarkets and department stores
  • Building sites
  • Venues like football stadiums, cinemas and concert halls
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Gyms and leisure centres as well as private health clubs
  • Churches and community centres
  • Children’s nurseries, schools, colleges and universities

Of course, the type of cleaning that is needed and how often cleaning is required will vary significantly depending on your premises, the level of use and more. So, it’s important to work with the contract cleaning company to get the right contract for you. Together you identify what needs cleaning and how often so that the final agreement works for you and provides value for money.

What to expect from your contract cleaning company?

To ensure you receive all the benefits we’ve highlighted above, you need a commercial contract cleaning company that offers:

  1. A flexible solution that is tailored to your needs – cleaning at intervals you are happy with, as well as times that work for you and your teams.
  2. A range of cleaning services that cover all your cleaning requirements – you don’t want to have to find a different cleaning company for just one type of cleaning job. Ideally the cleaning company you contract with will be able to cover all that you need, not just the regular cleaning requirements.
  3. Trained personnel with the right equipment – you want to check that staff are trained properly, that they are employed by the cleaning company and not just contracted by them, and you want to know that any equipment that is needed will be supplied by the cleaning company. You don’t want to be thinking about equipment or cleaning products either so make sure they are supplied as part of the contract.
  4. Services with insurance cover and relevant accreditations – your contract cleaning company should have all relevant insurance in place to cover for any accidents or damages. For details of the insurances as well as accreditations to look out for check out our blog on ‘What is Commercial Cleaning?’ which provides full details.
  5. Glowing testimonials and case studies – you want to contract with a commercial cleaning company that already has plenty of happy, loyal customers so check out their reviews, testimonials and case studies.


In summary, contract cleaning is regular scheduled cleaning and commercial contract cleaning happens at commercial premises by commercial cleaning companies. By partnering with a commercial contract cleaner, you’ll generally receive significant benefits including clean premises where your employees can work productively and safely. As the owner of the business, you have the benefit of regular upkeep of your premises to extend the life of fixtures and fittings as well as the fabric of the building, and the ability to concentrate on your business whilst professional cleaners do what they do best too.

Why Pristine for your contract cleaning needs?

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At Pristine, we offer contract cleaning on a flexible basis to suit your needs, not ours. So, cleaning can range from daily, a couple of times per week or weekly. And if none of those work for you, we also offer fortnightly deep cleans. The choice is yours.

We offer a vast range of cleaning services from office cleaning through to building works cleans and deep cleans of industrial premises, so we can provide all the cleaning services you need from the agreed contract cleaning services through to deep cleans and ad hoc services that may only be needed on rare occasions.

All our cleaning staff are trained in-house, are provided with the appropriate equipment for your workplace and will leave your premises Pristine every time. As Tracie Dudley Shaw, Director at Pristine says, “It’s not clean until Pristine has been.”

To find out more about how Pristine can help you with your commercial cleaning requirements, please contact us using our Quote form, by email at info@pccsl.co.uk or by calling us on 0800 7311 763.

So, have you found this article of use and what do you look for when appointing a commercial contract cleaning company? Just leave a comment below with your feedback and thoughts.

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