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    A Comprehensive Range of Washroom Supplies & Dispensers

    Based in Doncaster, we help you to make a professional first impression for all of your visitors, with our comprehensive range of washroom supplies. Ensure a Pristine experience for your staff, customers or clients with our extensive range of washroom products, supplies and services.  

    Air-Care, Hand-Drying and Vending Systems

    We’re proud to offer a range of washroom and feminine hygiene products that are not only stylish and high quality, but they deliver the highest level of hygiene with a service that’s discreet and refined.

    Ensure that your prospective or existing clients, employees and visitors are safe in an emergency with our range of convenient, reliable and sleek vending systems. We can supply a wide range of products to suit the needs of your business and it’s customers. 

    vending system

    Air Care Systems

    The scent within an establishment has a huge part to play in the perceived quality of the company’s products and services. Would you do business with a client that has smelly offices? Even if you’re not a ‘premium brand’, a high-quality scent psychologically makes your building a nicer place to do business and will make for a more enjoyable place for your clients and employees to visit and work in.  

    Fortunately, we’re able to provide a solution that no only smells great, but is also: 

    • Free from any solvents 
    • A wide range of scentstoilet fixtures as well as other surface areas (including baby changing units). 
    • No batteries required 
    • 100% organic and biodegradable refills 
    • Stylish and compact design 
    • Affordable and comprehensive servicing 

    Air Purification Systems & Thermal Units 

    Our selection of Airsteril units eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses all day, every day. These systems are not only useful for an average washroom, but the technology within them can be adapted to suit workspaces where extreme contamination is possible.

    Feminine Hygiene Systems

    A stylish and discreet service with a range of systems designed for a range of cubical sizes and offered in a range of colours to suit your washroom. Not only will we provide you with a high quality system, but we’re able to couple this with a bespoke service where someone comes to empty the system on a regular basis if required. 

    Feminine Hygiene Foot Pedal
    Soap Dispensers

    Hand Care Units 

    Our state-of-the-art dispensers pair perfectly with our wide range of luxurious soaps to provide maximum hygiene and a touch of luxury.  

    Baby Care Systems

    Ensure that your visitors have a safe and hygienic place to change their baby’s nappy with our range or baby changing tables, nappy dispensers, and disinfectant dispensers. As well as being able to clean the surfaces themselves, your visitors will be able to dispose of the nappy without fuss with our range of disposal units.

    baby care
    Navy Handdryer
    White Hand Dryer
    Orange Hand Dryer

    Hand Drying Systems

    Powerful dryers and handy dispensers in a wide range of colours to suit any environment (more colours available than displayed) 

    The Classic+ Mk II (available in white, chrome and black) has been recognized by the Noise Abatement Society with their coveted Quiet Mark for its fast-dry, low sound capabilities. VERDEdri™ is not only ADA compliant (protrudes from the wall 100mm or less) while simultaneously providing HEPA filtration and antimicrobial technology to reduce contamination risks within any facility. 

    Paper Dispenser Systems

    Classy, durable and designed to suit any environment. Our range of paper dispensers are the icing on the cake for creating a clean and comfortable washroom experience that represents your company properly. 

    Black Handdryer
    White Handdryer
    Small Black Handdryer
    Small Grey Handdryer
    Washroom Medical Systems

    Medical Systems

    These medical systems facilitate a safe and sanitary environment for medical professionals, offering efficient disposal of sharps and other clinical waste in hospitals, surgeries, or first-aid rooms. All of our units are tested to meet BS7320:1990, are distinctive in appearance and meet all legislative requirements. 

    Urinal Maintainance Systems

    A regular urinal that flushes every 15 minutes uses up to 157,680 litres of water which would cost around £500 per year on average. A urinal fitted with a Sani-Sleeve controller will use 6,570 litres of water, costing just £10 per year. A £490 saving within the first year!  

    Aside from cost savings, here are some other benefits to the Sani-Sleeve: 

    • Slimline Design 
    • Quick and easy install 
    • Tamper-proof 
    • Reduces flushes to 4 per day 
    Urinal Maintenance  system

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      Our team strives to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.