Where should cleaning chemicals be stored?

It’s always best to store cleaning chemicals in a dedicated stock room, as this helps to ensure the safety, stability, and longevity of cleaning chemicals and supplies. housekeeping chemicalsThis allows for easy organisation and access to all your supplies in one place. Your cleaning storage area should be kept cool, dry, and clean at all times to ensure the maximum longevity of your cleaning chemicals.

Particularly in fast-paced industries, it’s often easy to overlook the toxicity of cleaning chemicals if not handled or stored correctly. Fortunately, applying the best practices for storing your cleaning chemicals is straightforward, and will likely lead to less waste!

In this article, we will cover the factors to consider when storing cleaning chemicals, recommended storage locations, best practices, and systems to ensure maximum safety.

Consider the Placement of Flammable Chemicals

This may seem obvious, but many companies place flammable chemicals close to machinery, in direct sunlight, or close to computer equipment, increasing the chances of a fire. Even if there’s a chance of the chemical receiving a slight static shock (such as being close to electrical equipment), this may be enough to cause a fire. For flammable cleaning chemicals, the best practice is to store them separately in a flammable materials cabinet.

Keep an Eye on Use-By Dates

Disinfection IconWe recognise that during a busy working day, keeping an eye on the ‘use-by’ dates of the cleaning chemicals in your stockroom might not be a priority, but it’s incredibly important. Not only is it important to keep an eye on to avoid potential excess waste, but many cleaning chemicals become dangerous and ineffective upon surpassing their use-by-date.

Avoid ‘Stocking Up’ Too Much

Now it seems counter-intuitive to recommend not having a lot of cleaning chemicals and supplies at one time, especially when most cleaning chemicals have a long shelf-life, but ‘stocking up’ on more cleaning chemicals than you need at a specific time often leads to a messy and unorganised stock room.

ChemicalsHaving an overstocked, cramped stockroom not only carries the risk of trip hazards, but also operational inefficiencies and misunderstandings of which chemical to use. A crowded cleaning cupboard can also cause issues with the labeling system, leading to further hazards.

This is where it’s important to select a chemical supplier that can recommend and deliver the right product quickly, as and when you need them.

At Pristine, 98% of our orders for cleaning chemicals are shipped next-day, allowing you to buy the chemicals you need when you need them. As part of a comprehensive service, we’ll also recommend products specifically for your business, take care of organising the labeling, and recommend the storage and dispensing of the chemicals.

Contact a member of the team for a quick chat to learn more about our cleaning supply services.

Colour-Code your Cloths!

Cleaning clothColour-coding your cloths are essential in ensuring there isn’t any cross-contamination of chemicals, as a chemical that’s suitable for one surface may not be suitable for another, and may even cause damage to the surface.

Inspect your Equipment Regularly

Using outdated equipment not only leads to an inefficient clean, but particularly when using chemicals, it can become unsafe. For example, you might have an old floor cleaner that develops a crack or leak, causing the harmful chemicals to leak. Newer machines usually use less cleaning chemicals, less energy, provide a faster clean, and are much safer to use, which is why many of our cleaning supplies clients prefer to rent new equipment over purchasing outright.  

Intellibot PromoThis way, they don’t require the large costs associated with purchasing upfront, the frequent servicing and maintenance, but they still get to enjoy the improved efficiency and safety benefits of newer equipment.

Accessibility of Cleaning Chemicals

It’s important to ensure your chemicals are on a good level for those who need to access them, not too high or low, in order to prevent the risk of accidents. It’s also crucial to ensure that any unauthorised personnel, such as customers, particularly children, don’t have access to the storage room.Cleaner Spraying Table

Utilising an efficient dispensing solution also prevents the likelihood of chemical spills, as your staff won’t need to carry or mix the chemicals themselves.

Contact a member of the team to learn more about our cleaning equipment and dispensing solutions.

Invest in a Dispensing Solution

Cleaning chemical dispensers not only free up space in your cleaning cupboard, but they’re also optimised to deliver the perfect amount of solution in each dispense, which minimises waste, and reduces your consumption of the cleaning chemicals. Dispensers also ensure the correct concentration, which is particularly important for ensuring worker safety and preventing damage to surfaces.

Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning PPESo you’ve got the cleaning chemicals, but what about the equipment? Sourcing the correct PPE for your staff will not only lead to a better clean, but it’ll also help to prevent accidents. There’s a lot of poor-quality equipment out there, so you may wish to contact a specialist cleaning equipment supplier for advice on the best equipment for your team.

What Cleaning Chemicals Do I Need?

The cleaning chemicals for your business depend on your work environment. It’s likely that a factory will require a much different array of chemicals compared to an office block. The chemicals you chose also depend on the size of your building, the amenities, and your storage capabilities, as there’s no point in investing in state-of-the-art chemicals if you have no way to store them.

Person Cleaning SurfaceIt’s difficult to provide an accurate answer without knowing the specifics of the business at hand.

With such an array of chemicals on offer, it’s often wise to seek the help of a commercial cleaning company, who can conduct an audit of your business, and provide professional recommendations on the most cost-effective cleaning solutions to ensure a Pristine workspace for your employees and clients.

At Pristine, we’ve provided commercial cleaning services and supplies for a wide range of industries, and we pride ourselves on providing the most cost-effective solution for each industry. Contact a member of the team for more information on the best cleaning solution for your organisation.


In conclusion, proper storage of cleaning chemicals is essential to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Consider the chemical properties, compatibility, manufacturer’s instructions, and access when choosing a storage location.

It’s also crucial to ensure that you’re using the right chemicals and equipment for your workplace, which can be recommended by a reputable cleaning supplies company.

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