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    Sheffield Contract Cleaning

    We are proud to have members of the team based in Sheffield. As one of the largest cities in South Yorkshire, Sheffield certainly has a thriving business community and, perhaps not surprisingly, we serve many customers with our contract cleaning services.

    As a contract cleaning company covering Sheffield, we’re on hand and able to offer our commercial cleaning services on a regular basis. Our contract cleaning service for local businesses is available to suit your needs, with options for daily, weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly contract cleaning regimes. You choose what works for you and your business.

    We want Sheffield businesses to thrive and to help you we offer our cleaning services on days and times to suit your business, and at cost effective rates. Take advantage of our contract cleaning service so you can get on with running your business and leave the cleaning to us.

    When running a business in a busy city like Sheffield, peace of mind shouldn’t be underestimated. By engaging us to clean by contract you’ll have one less thing to be concerned with – one thing you can forever tick off your list.

    Sheffield Car Dealerships and Garages

    When it comes to keeping your car dealership clean and tidy, both inside and out, Pristine is here to help. This is especially important for dealerships with franchises as the car manufacturer will expect a certain standard of cleanliness and tidiness.

    Here we are providing DOFF steam cleaning of the external façade of a car dealership. Of course, this needs to be completed on a regular basis, so contract cleaning makes absolute sense.

    Budget Effectively With Our Contract Cleaning Service

    Contract cleaning helps businesses in Sheffield to budget effectively as there are no surprises when it comes to the cleaning bill – the same cost for the same fantastic service, week in, week out. When we clean under contract, there is never a reduction in the standard of the service we provide. Neither does it mean our service can’t be bespoke; we sit down with each new client at the outset and discuss their needs, as well as outline what you can expect.

    So, if you’re a business with premises in Sheffield, you’re in luck. You have access to an unrivalled commercial cleaning service that will help your business stand out from its competitors. You also have the opportunity to provide a clean, safe, healthy environment for your employees, which could result in a calmer, more motivated and productive workforce that takes fewer sick days

    Other Services

    Phone Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services on 0800 7311 763 for a no obligation chat about your needs. We add sparkle to your business in more ways than one.


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      Our team strives to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.