To Sanitise Or To Disinfect?

To be fair, and we do it too, the two words are often interchangeable, but they’re actually very different tasks.

Person Cleaning Surface

Sanitising a surface reduces the number of germs it carries, whereas disinfecting the same surface will kill off practically every germ it holds. In the current circumstances, disinfecting surfaces has undoubtedly been the right call to combat the spread of coronavirus; however, before you order in a vat of bleach, if there wasn’t a nasty virus going around, sanitising would actually be a good option in some areas.

Sanitising solutions work more quickly than disinfectants to kill germs and are therefore useful for items that are often used and regularly cleaned; think of glasses and plates in a restaurant that are used, cleaned and used again quickly. Contrast this to a care home, where it’s crucial that all germs are killed; here, disinfectants are used more widely.

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Both solutions carry a high alcohol content, which makes them much more effective than ‘spit and polish’ or simple soap and water, which is why both sanitising and disinfecting are more thorough tasks. Commercial cleaning is also worlds away from cleaning your home. As experts in the field, our knowledge of the differences between various solutions, equipment and clients’ individual needs is the reason our services are so in demand. We don’t just turn up at your workplace with a feather duster and move germs around…the team at Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd make your premises safe and hygienic for your workers, your clients and visitors.

Not every sanitising solution or disinfectant is the same as the last; each will have different ingredients, or varying concentrations of them. They’ll also be intended for specific areas and/or uses, which is why you should always read the label. For instance, did you know that bleach should ideally be stored where its cool, so that the effectiveness of its active ingredients isn’t compromised?

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There’s lots of research surrounding how many germs we should come into contact with. Some scientists believe that it’s harmful to overuse super-strength cleaners. If your body never comes into contact with any bacteria it can’t learn how to address these cells and fight them off. Obviously, bacteria and viruses differ greatly – exposure is certainly not, according to current advice, the way to tackle coronavirus.

Our health, as we’re being reminded, is not something to take for granted. Having commercial cleaners overhaul your business premises is more than just an aesthetic luxury.

It’s crucial to achieve and maintain the health of you and your employees.

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