Restore Your Rugs And Lengthen The Life Of Your Carpets…

Furnishing your offices or homes can cost a small fortune. You typically need to provide desks, computer equipment, a printer/photocopier, a telephone system, kitchen stuff, storage and shelving…the list goes on.

Anything you buy will have a shelf life, and that applies to your flooring. Most businesses choose carpet, as it’s welcoming, durable and looks smart when it’s clean and spruce.

As with any floor covering, carpets need regular cleaning. Most of the time, a simple vacuum will do the trick; however, carpets, over time, gather and lock in vast amounts of grit and dirt within individual fibres. This dirt will not be immediately visible but, eventually, the colour of your carpeting will darken and its vibrancy will fade, and areas with heavier footfall will begin to look different to sections that are not walked on quite as much.

There are things you can do to maximise the life of your carpets!

Jump on spots

Many office workers eat at their desks, which isn’t usually a problem, but accidents happen! If liquids or foodstuff spills on to your carpet, act quickly to minimise the likelihood of any permanent stains. Blot the area with white paper towel to absorb as much of the liquid as you can, taking care not to rub the carpet – this will actually work the stain into the fibres rather than removing it.

Keep a carpet cleaner spray to hand; typically, these require spraying onto the stain and leaving to dry before vacuuming away the residue.

Even after this, if you can still see remnants of the spill, don’t worry. Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services are the experts at making carpets look like new.

Ee by gum

For many sticky substances, particularly chewing gum, the following process can prove successful. It’s best to act quickly, whilst the gum is largely on the surface of the carpet, before it’s crushed further into the fibres.

Pop some ice cubes in a plastic bag and place it on the gum. Leave in place until the gum becomes frozen, then gently scrape it off the carpet. The gum may crack into smaller pieces; these can be hoovered up.

Baby, cold outside

Think of the mud, drudge, rain and snow we bring in from outside during the winter. The extra dirt on your carpets as we clamour to stay indoors against the bracing winds and freezing temperatures means your carpets will get much more hammer during the winter months than when it’s fine and sunny outside. Ramp up your cleaning regime to keep on top of things through autumn and winter, or simply ask Pristine to increase the frequency of their visits to your premises.

Know when it’s time to get us in…

A typical carpet should last around ten years – longer if you take good care of it, or if it doesn’t get too much traffic.

Whilst it may not be threadbare, your carpet may need replacing well before this time if it doesn’t receive routine deep cleaning treatments.

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