Put Yourself In Their Shoes

You see your business premises every day as you come into work. You probably park in the same space, use the same hand to carry your keys/fob and unlock the door, and sit at the same desk once inside.

A typical worker spends eight hours a day in the same building. It’s fair to say that that worker would be comfortable with their surroundings.

That’s not a good thing!

If you have retail premises or a workplace that’s open to the public, those four walls are your calling card.

You may have a beautiful sign above the entrance, but if you also have cracked glass in your entrance doors, your gutters spilling over with moss and weeds, and windows caked in grime, what do you think your customers will notice more? And what impression would they gather about your business?

Seeing the same things every day can cause you to become blind to them. That months-old spider’s web in the corner may not have any impact on your daily workload, but it’s like a beacon to visitors, telling them that you don’t take any interest in, or care of, your surroundings.

Spring is on its way: the time of year when most businesses turn their attention to deep cleaning after the dreary winter months; however, one spring clean a year is not enough. Yes, your premises may look sparkling for a few weeks, but what about the other 50 weeks of the year? Why go to such effort and expense to then let things slide?

Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services offers a range of cleaning packages. We can come during working hours or around them, and we clearly see clients’ premises as your customers/visitors see them. We can have such objectivity because we’re not there 24/7, and we can therefore target and address all the areas that need attention that you would otherwise miss.

It’s probably a given that few customers will notice a thoroughly clean space. But this is what you want…you don’t want them to focus on their surroundings when they should be focusing on what you sell. However, they will notice a grubby, neglected space.

Your products could be wonderfully sparkly and beautiful and the best things since sliced bread, but if they live amongst dirt and grime, they’ll soon lose their shine in more ways than one. Your customers will simply go elsewhere.

So, our advice is: don’t’ fall foul of ‘building blindness’. Contact Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services and be prepared for your customers to be dazzled the minute they step onto your property. Call 0800 7311 763 or complete the contact form on our website for a free, no obligation quote.

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