Pristine Commercial Cleaning Partners with Shorrock Trichem

Pristine is pleased to announce our new partnership with Shorrock Trichem and Diversey. We have been appointed by Shorrock Trichem’s as their preferred commercial cleaning company for South Yorkshire.

“As our customers continue to look at ways to improve their environmental credentials and reduce their businesses carbon footprint, it became apparent that we needed to think through how we could help,” says Pristine MD, Tracie Dudley Shaw.

Tracie continues, “Partnering with Shorrock Trichem and Diversey is certainly a step in the right direction, and great news for us and our customers. As the preferred partner for South Yorkshire, we are now using Shorrock Trichem cleaning chemicals and Diversey washroom supplies including their environmentally friendly paper products. The partnership is a win-win as we are using cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, have no issues with supply and have secured good pricing enabling us to help our clients keep their promises around the environment and carbon footprint, whilst also keeping our cleaning rates competitive.”

Pristine’s move to help customers become more environmentally friendly with a more sustainable business model includes using environmentally friendlier cleaning chemicals that are packaged to reduce land fill waste as well as supplying paper products such as bamboo towels and sugarcane toilet paper that are more environmentally friendly.

As an example of our commitment, the move to supply of bamboo towels for all our customers just makes sense. Bamboo is harvested every 8 to 11 months whereas trees can take up to 30 years before being harvestable. The bamboo paper we supply is free from ‘Single Use Plastics’ and biodegradable.

Tracie concludes, “Lots of small changes by all of us can and will make a difference and help secure the planet for our children and grandchildren. We will continue to seek ways of reducing ours and our customers environmental impact whilst at the same time providing a Pristine clean.”

If you’re in the South Yorkshire area and need a forward-thinking commercial cleaning company to help you not just with your cleaning but also with your environmental commitments, then please call us on 0800 7311 763 or email us at

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