Pristine Has Moved!

When you’re a growing company it’s understandable that, before long, you’ll simply not have enough room in your office/facility to comfortably house your expanding band of merry men and women – which is what’s happened to Pristine!

Having enjoyed sustained, unparalleled growth, and due to taking on many more team members, our headquarters at Church Street, Doncaster no longer fit our requirements; we’ve therefore recently moved to the brand-new ‘Skypark’ commercial site that’s near Robin Hood airport.

Our new, crisp, purposeful website is now live, too, and we’re enjoying the fact that clients from outside the huge county of Yorkshire are engaging our services. You could certainly say that we’re grasping every opportunity that’s coming our way.

Pristine continues to invest in its equipment and staff training to ensure their clients’ commercial premises – big or small – are cleaned quickly, effectively and effortlessly. Often in demand for specialist cleaning jobs, i.e. awkward spaces; historic/specific materials; high heights and significant spaces; heavily ingrained dirt or mould…we tackle the projects our competitors either can’t or won’t touch.

Of course, it’s not about our offices/site, we’d much rather talk about yours. Even if moving to a brand-new unit isn’t an option for your business, there’s no reason why you can’t make your shop/office/factory/industrial space look like new. We can deep clean and remove years of grime, then come back on a regular basis – daily, weekly, monthly…whatever – to keep on top of the muck and mess so that it always looks great. You may not be able to see the place through your visitors’ eyes when walking through it day after day, but that’s no reason to disregard it; don’t allow them to make a negative first impression when there’s a solution available.

If you already use a commercial cleaning company, we’re sure we could offer you a better service, better value and better prices. Why not give us the option to quote and you could be making a move too: to Yorkshire’s number one commercial cleaning service.

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