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Pristine solved a sticky issue in Doncaster

Called upon to clean the ceilings of a huge factory for a soft drink manufacturer in Doncaster, Pristine had to utilise their training, skills and experience, as well as specialist equipment, to come face to face with the problem.

Sticky ceiling

Over the years, syrup residue had clung to the fabric of the manufacturer’s building, the ceiling in particular. Removing the brown gloop from metres of ceiling slats was a challenge, as was cleaning the numerous vents embedded in the roof, which were similarly caked with the syrupy grime. It was certainly no mean feat, but it didn’t take Pristine long to make the roof as clean as the day it was erected.

Dirty Extractor

Access to the ceiling was something few cleaning companies could conquer, given the sheer height of the huge factory, but for Pristine this was all in a day’s work. Health and safety first and foremost, Pristine staff donned their hard hats and high visibility attire before scaling scaffolding and high platforms to take to the ceiling with their telescopic brushes.

The client was understandably impressed with Pristine’s efficiency in removing the many layers of treacle and syrup that had built up over time.

Another sweet success for Yorkshire’s number one commercial cleaners.


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