Pristine’s Top Tips for a Clean Office

We may be the gods of regular deep-cleaning and sensational sanitising, but it really doesn’t take much for a workplace to look unkempt and untidy. Pristine may not be on site often enough to ensure your premises are spotless every minute of every day; in-between our visits, there are things you could do, along with your co-workers, that take very little time and effort, but which make sure anyone visiting is impressed by the environment they’re in.

Cleaner Spraying Table


Maybe this is an obvious one, but there’s a lot of truth behind the saying, ‘clear desk, clear mind’. Whilst a few amongst us may be able to work amid chaos – such as piles and piles of paper, rubbish, towers of folders, and numerous personal items on the 4’ x 2’ desk they use every day – the vast majority will find clutter and disarray affects their productivity and clarity of thought. How can you prioritise your workload when it’s sat on your desk day in, day out?

De-cluttering will only take you an hour, and it’ll be an hour well spent. Go through all the papers and folders on your desk and prioritise them. Those that don’t have to be dealt with straightaway put them in your desk drawer, a filing cabinet, or in a box under your desk. Once these are out of sight, you’ll be able to fully concentrate on projects that are more urgent.

Get rid of any rubbish and limit the number of personal effects on your desk to two items. Wash up your dirty mugs and give the surface a good wipe using an antibacterial spray.

Empty your bin every day

This may be something we can do (or we’re already doing) for you; however, not every business can afford a cleaning company to come in every day – some of our clients have us attend their premises twice a week, or weekly/fortnightly/monthly instead.

If you don’t have professional cleaners to your workspace every day, as a bare minimum, empty your bin on a daily basis. The remnants of your prawn sandwich, that empty tin of tuna, the end cut of that cheese block; within a week, particularly in hot weather – these will absolutely hum by the time the cleaner calls. A pungent office is not going to make the right impression with visitors, even if you’re able to work amongst the smell. If it’s the very least you do, make sure this is the one task you keep up to.

Eat in the canteen

In today’s world of work, it’s normal to see someone eating at their computer. It may save time, but every little crumb and ball of spit you drop as you munch your sarnie will settle amongst the keys of your computer for a long time to come.

Research has shown that your poor keyboard carries 20,000 more germs than a toilet seat. Every time you drop a crumb into the murky depths between your keys you’re contributing to this horrific statistic. Has that put you off your lunch yet?

If you have a canteen, use it. Not least because of hygiene, but also, the break from your screen will boost your mental wellbeing.

Hang up!

In winter, when it’s minus 50C outside, we’ll arrive at the office wearing layer after layer, i.e. heavy coats, long scarves, woolly hats and gloves. It may be convenient to drape these across the back of your chair or across the office’s radiators, but it’s much more aesthetically pleasing (to employees as well as visitors) if there’s a singular, out-of-the-way place to hang these up.

Curb the cables

We’ve mentioned the clutter that can build up on desks, but what about floor clutter? Extension leads, spool upon spool of cables, and dead equipment taking up space because no one’s got round to disposing of it properly.

Echoing the de-cluttering suggestion above, clear out the deadwood. It will prove another well-spent hour gathering up all the disused tech that’s littering your office and getting rid of it accordingly.

If there are leads stretching across the floor, not only does this look untidy, it’s also a health and safety hazard. If there are not enough plug points in the office to fuel all the equipment that gets used day-to-day, get an electrician in to create more electrical points. A small outlay, perhaps, but it’s cheaper than a lawsuit if someone takes a tumble over a stray lead.

Cleaning offices is a much easier, quicker process if the above points are adhered to. More importantly, you’ll feel the benefits as your working day will fees much calmer and productive.

Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services can tackle the kinds of day-to-day clutter and calamities as detailed above, but we’re just as adept – if not more so – at the deeper-cleaning, grimy, awkward jobs. Call 0800 7311 763 or complete our online form for a quotation.

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