Business Owners Of Yorkshire: New Year, New Attitude!

If you had a very busy 2019, it’s logical that certain things will have slid or gone by the wayside as you battled to meet demand for your products and services. The cleaning and maintenance of your premises, perhaps…the laborious, unexciting jobs you meant to get around to, but which you never quite managed.

Standards should be kept even in your busiest periods, as once you get on top of your work and it naturally starts to ease, any new prospects may look at the physical image you present and get the wrong impression. Appearances are everything in business and against your competition.

If you haven’t had a busy 2019, maybe that’s even more reason to give your premises a good going over. Take an objective look at your business: are potential clients likely to be put off by your filthy frontage, scruffy signage, polluted panes and begrimed brickwork?

Allow 2020, the start of a new decade, to give rise to a new attitude. Make it your goal for your premises to positively dominate the space that surrounds it. By bringing your office, retail or factory space up to scratch you’ll automatically steal the attention away from your neighbours and become memorable for the right reasons.

And, once the place looks like a new pin, inside and out, keep up to it.

That may sound like a lot of work, but it’s not if you engage Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services, as it’s what we do. Pristine can clean your premises as often as your business needs it…daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We can visit out of hours, or clean around your staff as they work, with minimal impact to your business. Bring us on board then forget about cleaning for the rest of the year. Focus your attention instead on the elements of your business that need it, and banish that niggling feeling that you have a long list of things still to do.

New Year is always a good time to reflect, and it’s also ‘slow’ enough for most businesses to allow for deep cleaning tasks and tidy ups without impacting sales or production on a grand scale. If you don’t wash away all the marks of winter, once spring arrives, every grime mark, water stain and graffiti-stricken wall will shine like a beacon to anyone crossing your threshold.

Our first ‘bite’ of anything is with the eye. Elevate your business’s status and give Pristine a call on 0800 731 1763.

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