Never Ignore A Blocked Gutter

Chances are, you probably won’t even realise you’ve got a blocked gutter, until it starts to wreak havoc.

A gutter that’s prevented from doing its job can turn into a real problem if it’s ignored.

Picking Leaves and Mud out of Guttering

Though liquid is all that’s meant to pass through a gutter, silt from within raindrops can build up over time. As the silt starts to clog together, it only needs the odd leaf to become tangled up with it (it probably goes without saying, but leaves are a definite threat to your gutters if your building is underneath/surrounded by trees) and you could have the beginnings of a tiny mountain sat in your guttering.

This mound then acts as a filter. It will, at this point, still allow rainwater to pass through/by/over it, but any grit thrown about by the wind, bird droppings that now have something to stick to, and twigs dropped by winged creatures passing over…these will cling to the leaves and silt. The mound eventually becomes bigger and bigger until it’s a clear blockage, and the rainwater has no choice but to either flow over the side of the gutter, or, in its desperate bid to flow somewhere, it finds a way into the fabric of the building itself – perhaps through a tiny crack in the masonry.

This could take months to occur, though, as we’ve said above, if your premises are near trees, it may not take much time at all. A water leak that affects the outside may leave unsightly marks on the brickwork/façade of a building, etc., which is bad enough. However, if water gets inside, it may not even be visible straightaway. The insulation in roof cavities and between inner/outer walls may soak up a water leak for quite some time, which would eventually render the insulation useless. Once the building’s insulation/materials are soggy and ineffectual, if the leak still hasn’t been detected, the water will begin to erode the hard stuff: the brickwork itself.

Of course, damage to this extent would take a long time to occur – but if you’re a business owner who doesn’t pay much attention to his shop, only what’s in it, it’s a possibility.

The easy solution involves regular visits from Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd, particularly at the end of autumn and the start of spring. They will ensure your gutters are cleared, cleaned and useful again.

Pristine has the equipment to access any awkward space where a gutter may be. It’s all in a day’s work for us; not only will your gutters sparkle, they’ll also be able to do their job and channel water to where it absolutely should go.

Call 0333 271 7758 for more information.

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