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    Client: MS International PLC
    Location: Carr Hill, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    Premises: Head Office
    Cleaning Services: Cladding Cleaning – Colour restoration of faded powder coated cladding

    The Results

    Project Background:

    MSI’s office at Doncaster is a building that needed some attention to bring back the grey and red powder coated cladding to its original colour. Over time the powder coated cladding colour faded mostly because of the environment and UV damage as well as from grim and dirt and is to be expected. However, as the office are the flagship offices of MSI and keen to maintain the right impression for visiting customers and employees too, the Directors wanted to bring the building and specifically the cladding back to the original colour and asked for help from Pristine. The dull look clearly indicated that restoration was needed.

    Project Requirements:

    Pristine completed a test chemical clean but both Pristine and the Facilities Manager at MSI agreed that a chemical clean wouldn’t deliver the results the Directors were looking for as the clean didn’t provide the necessary improvements.

    It was agreed that Pristine’s team would use their unique three stage cleaning system to restore the cladding to its original colour.

    Pristine’s Solution:

    A solution provided by only a few commercial cleaning companies across the UK, the three-step cleaning process is as follows:

    1. Clean – prepare and clean the surface with a ph neutral cleaning chemical
    2. Restore – remove the ‘damaged’ layer by applying, by hand, the unique restoration cream to the powder coated cladding
    3. Protect – apply a hydrophobic coating to help protect the powder coating from UV rays. The coating is non-stick for a longer lasting clean surface, with only an occasional wipe down or rinse off needed.

    Our team is trained in this cleaning process and for the best results, we recommend appointing a company with experienced and well-trained teams.

    “The Pristine Cleaning team performed a miracle with our dull and chalky cladding. It really does look brand new. We would certainly recommend Pristine and will be using them again. They’ve saved us £1,000s as we were considering replacement which clearly isn’t needed with the Pristine Colour Restoration System working a treat.”

    The Pristine Colour Restoration System can be used on all types of powder coated cladding and window and door frames, and really is the system that exceeds all others.

    If you want to extend the life of your powder coated cladding and ensure you premises look as good as they should, then please contact the Pristine team on 0800 7311 763 or by emailing and we can arrange a site survey, quote and test treatment.


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      Our team strives to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.