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This isn’t a blog dedicated to how long we’ve serviced our most loyal clients (there are too many to put in a post, anyway!); it’s about the cleaning of listed buildings.

Those of us with healthy bank balances may live in stately homes originally built by nobles and the titled amongst us in their heyday, a few centuries ago. Such buildings carry so much history with them that they’re quite rightly preserved by the relevant authorities. As a result, anyone buying one of these properties would soon get a shock should they plan to extend or make any changes to the property’s interior or exterior; without fail, planning departments and building regulators will be prompt with their instructions as to what you can and can’t do to your home.

The cleaning of such properties can also be an issue. Materials used in the original construction of the property may not be able to withstand today’s abrasive chemicals; this is when you should call in the professionals, like Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd. Our expertise means that, as well as knowing what substance to apply with each cleaning task, we also know what equipment to use and exactly how much pressure to apply to prevent damage.

It’s not just grand homes that may be listed, some older commercial properties may have similar status. For instance, we’ve seen old theatre houses become pubs; redundant mills transformed into tea rooms, shopping outlets or workshops for creatives. The restoration of these buildings may be completed by the time you and your business move in; however, despite what could be a modern interior, brand-new electrical system and the installation of wi-fi, you may find that you’re ultimately responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of original features and/or the historic exterior. To ensure these elements are still around for centuries to come, the last thing you’ll be allowed to do is chuck a bit of bleach over them, for example.

The typical high ceilings of historic buildings can also make cleaning difficult, as can the awkward spaces architects long-since passed seemed happy to create. Why risk frustration when you could save time and a lot of effort by enlisting Pristine’s help?

We’re happy to work with the relevant preservation officers and officials involved with the upkeep of your listed building; indeed, we can be of help to each other in our specific areas of expertise. We don’t just maintain cleanliness, either, we can deep clean even the most delicate item or surface and strip away years of grime, bringing it back to its former glory.

If essential cleaning and maintenance isn’t carried out on a listed building, whether commercially occupied or domestic, the local authority has the power to step in if the preservation of the asset is at risk. Their concern will predominantly be the history and longevity of the building, not how much inconvenience or upheaval they may cause the owner in such a situation; all the more reason, therefore, to instil a regular routine yourself, when and however it suits you and your business.

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