Is Leeds A Grimy Place To Live And Work?

Cities are bound to be dirtier and more vitiated than rural areas, but it still shocked us to learn that Leeds was amongst the 40 most polluted cities in the UK.

Despite traffic calming measures, a city-wide promotion of public transport and the introduction of Park and Ride schemes, there’s still a heck of a lot of grime about the Leeds area.

Perhaps it’s no wonder. In cities, hordes of shoppers tread dirt from outside into retailers’ premises. Noxious emissions from congested traffic blow out from all directions. Rubbish and litter undoubtedly nestle at the base of a city’s landmarks.

If you’re a shop owner in Leeds, you may be right in thinking that your local council will tidy up the centre, clean the façade of your shop, and keep the access to your premises clear at all times. After all, isn’t that what you pay your taxes for? However, whether the council will or won’t do these things, they’re not going to be scrubbing your premises 24/7. They’ll likely come around your way once a week (if you’re lucky)…perhaps once a fortnight…or once a month. Yet the dirt and grime will continue to build every hour of every day.

Ever wonder why the big brands seem to shout louder on the high street? How they always manage to look sparkly and welcoming, come rain or shine? We’ll let you into a secret: they won’t wait for the local council to give their shop a spruce up – they’ll employ their own cleaners to regularly sanitise and polish the outside of their buildings.

The big players understand how important it is to ‘dress’ their shops, and we’re not just referring to its windows. It’s why their signs will always be gleaming. It’s why the entrances into their store will always be litter-free, accessible, and inviting. It’s why their windows will be dirt-free, so that shoppers can get a clear picture of what’s on offer inside.

As one of the biggest and best commercial cleaning companies in Leeds, Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services spends a lot of time overhauling the frontages and veneers of clients’ premises. One day we could be flushing out the awkwardly-positioned, old gutters of a converted mill; another day, we could be power-washing a petrol station forecourt or supermarket car park, bringing the tarmac back to its former glory. We’re often called to deep clean brand-new factories and car showrooms before they open their doors to the public or begin production, ridding the area of builders’ waste and organic detritus, or we could be window cleaners to the stars…(when we’re so many storeys up, it can literally feel like we’ve moved beyond our solar system!). A regular shop front is child’s play to Pristine. Essentially, if it needs cleaning, we’re there.

We have the equipment, the skills and the impetus to eradicate the grit, grime and grot that accumulates over time. We clean much, much deeper than the council, which can only do so much with its limited time and funds.

If you think that a filthy facade doesn’t matter to customers, consider what you’d do if faced with two stores that sold the same thing, but where one was clean and orderly and the other looked shabby and neglected. Be honest, which one would you gravitate to?

The products that most shops sell are no longer exclusive, thanks to the internet. In 2020, shoppers come to bricks and mortar stores for the experience just as much as the item they’ve come to buy.

And if the outside is dirty, it’s unlikely they’ll come inside to find out whether the inside is, too. That’s the thing, you’ll have no idea how many people change their mind and don’t enter your premises, due to its lacklustre, unkempt outward appearance.

Pristine can also help you keep the inside of your premises tip-top. We can ensure your fitting rooms are regularly deep-cleaned and sanitised, for example. We can keep your display cabinets/shelves dust-free.

Studies have shown that clean stores achieve better profits than dirty ones. If something affects your bottom line, that’s really all the motivation you need.

Leeds isn’t alone in being a sooty city. And the good news is: if a place enjoys plenty of footfall and traffic, there’s greater potential for a continuous stream of buyers. However, as we’ve mentioned, the flipside of a busy high street is that there’s more muck to contend with. It’s worth tackling, though…because, as the Yorkshire saying goes, “Where there’s muck, there’s brass!”

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