Take Care Of Your Machines And They’ll Take Care Of You

Our clients range in size, from small offices to huge factories containing numerous assembly lines.

Employees work in shifts on these lines and the machines are rarely – if ever – switched off. Which makes cleaning them a bit of an issue.

As you’d imagine, continuous operation drastically threatens the wear and tear of the equipment. If a machine is always running it’s continually picking up dirt and grime, it needs endless greasing (which could eventually clog up the mechanics), and corrosive debris could get sucked back into the mechanics.

Whilst it’s impractical and expensive to shut an entire operation down in order to clean a machine, you can’t deny that such an initiative would lengthen its lifespan and save its owners more money in the long run.

Luckily, we don’t require anything shutting down. Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd is used to working round the hours and shifts of any business to clean what’s necessary. It may be the middle of the night when the quietest time on a specific machine occurs; if that’s the case, that’s fine – that’s how it is and we’ll roll with it, no problem.

Regular cleaning can also flag up problems with a machine before they cause havoc; imagine an unseen crack or leak having the freedom to worsen…if Pristine is up close and personal with the machinery on a regular basis, we’re bound to notice anomalies.

It’s not just a factory’s machinery that needs regular cleaning – the area surrounding it, where employees typically congregate, needs to be kept clean and tidy so that operations aren’t hampered in the slightest. At busy times, these areas will likely become untidier and dirtier than normal, and employees may be forced to side-line maintenance and cleaning tasks in order to meet production demand. Busy times do eventually slacken off, but the working area could be an absolute bombsite and even a safety hazard by then.

Think of us as little elves that will clear and clean your factory, unseen and unheard; as if by magic, your site will transform back to one of order and spotlessness.

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