Elevating Your Business with Pristine: Ian, Alice, and the Powerhouse of Cleaning Supplies and Services

In the bustling world of commercial cleaning, having a dedicated team working behind the scenes is essential for providing exceptional service. Within Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services, two key figures stand out: Alice Hatton, our Sales Admin, and Ian, our passionate Sales Manager specialising in the Washroom & Supplies Division. Together, they embody the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction that defines Pristine.  

In this blog, we will have a look into their roles and explore how they contribute to making Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services a reliable partner for businesses in need of top-notch cleaning solutions. Additionally, we will list our state-of-the-art cleaning supplies. 

Alice Hatton– Sales Admin 

Alice Hatton

“I joined Pristine to assist in the accounts department, resolving queries and ensuring our customers have all the relevant information they require. I aim to provide the best customer service and advice that I can.” – Alice Hatton, Sales Admin at Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services. 

Our dedicated team members like Alice play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and customer satisfaction at Pristine. Rest assured Alice will be on hand to assist in any of your cleaning equipment needs. 

Ian – Sales Manager Specialising in the Washroom & Supplies Division 

Ian Clayton - Sales Manager C

Ian is our passionate Sales Manager specialising in the Washroom & Supplies Division. With an expertise and understanding of the industry and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Ian is the driving force behind our success in this specific field. 

For more information about Alice and Ian or any other of our team members here. 

Thanks to Ian, we are able to deliver expert solutions in the field of cleaning supplies. Here are the products we supply: 

Our cleaning equipment and supplies are of the highest quality and perfectly tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Ian’s leadership and industry knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to the Pristine team. Providing customers with top-tier solutions for their cleaning and maintenance requirements. 

Our Cleaning Supplies 

Tired of running out of essential cleaning supplies? Look no further! With the help of our sales manager, Ian, and our sales admin, Alice, we have cleaning supplies for many businesses. 

Located in Doncaster, we provide a comprehensive dispensing service that caters to your every need. From housekeeping chemicals to soap and hand cleansers, and even paper dispensers, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, or office block, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Our team will work with you to meet all of your cleaning and hygiene needs. 

Cleaning Equipment Supplies 

Being part of the commercial cleaning industry ourselves, we understand firsthand how the use of cleaning machines has enabled us to increase productivity, cost-effectiveness, and hygiene. We realise the ongoing pressure to discover more efficient floor cleaning solutions while maintaining low costs. Fortunately, our range of state-of-the-art machines, chemicals, and tools from TASKI provide the ideal avenue for cost-effective hygiene that can transform and streamline the cleaning process for your business. 

Our range of TASKI products have the ability to utilise Superconcentrate chemicals, which have assisted the industry in reducing the carbon footprint and can have your money.

Taski Vaccums

Our Taski Products:

  • Intellibot Robotics Equipment   
  • Auto Scrubber Driers 
  • Vacuums 
  • Single Disc Machines 

For more information on our cleaning equipment suppliers, click here. Alternatively, to request a quote for any of our products, visit here.

Coffee Equipment & Supplies 

We understand that coffee plays a key role in many businesses across the country and even around the world. That is why we provide coffee supplies and machines nationwide. Our seamless distribution is achieved with efficiency between our wholesale partners, licensees and direct distributors. 

Whether you require a regular coffee supply or a comprehensive service encompassing equipment rental, maintenance, aftercare and ongoing support, our network is strategically designed for optimal efficiency. 

To help you in making informed decisions regarding commercial coffee machines and their benefits for your workplace, we have created a detailed guide on the subject. Discover how the right coffee machine can enhance your workplace and to find the best fit for your specific needs here. 

Coffee Machine

Our Offerings: 

  • Coffee Supplies 
  • Barista Equipment 
  • Servicing and Aftercare 

For more information on our coffee equipment, click here. Alternatively, to request a quote for any of our products, visit here

washroom vending systems

Washroom Supplies 

We’re proud to offer a range of washroom and feminine hygiene products that are stylish, high quality, and deliver the highest level of hygiene with a service that’s discreet and refined. Ensure that your prospective or existing clients, employees, and visitors are safe in an emergency with our range of convenient, reliable, and sleek vending systems.  

We can supply a wide range of products to suit the needs of your business and its customers.

For more information on our washroom equipment, click here. Alternatively, to request a quote for any of our products, visit here

Water Coolers & Dispensers 

Whether it’s your employees, visitors, or prospective clients – make a great first impression with our range of premium water coolers to suit any business. 

Borg water cooler

Our Water Cooler Offerings: 

  • B3 Range 
  • B4 Range 
  • B5 Range 

Our Service Includes: 

1) Free Initial Consultation – With expert advice to help you find the best water cooler for you and your business. 

2) Professional Installation: Rest assured that our qualified professionals will handle the installation process smoothly and efficiently. 

3) Customer Care: We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service to ensure your satisfaction with our products. 

For more information on our water cooler equipment, click here. Alternatively, to request a quote for any of our products, visit here. 

Catering Supplies & Disposables 

We also supply catering equipment for your workplace. Catering is fast paced, which is why we’ve worked with Diversey to bring our clients a wide range of high quality, eco-friendly, stylish and affordable catering supplies from leading brands. 

Choosing the Right Cups: Paper vs Rpet Plastic 

When it comes to selecting the right drinking cups for your workplace, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have prepared a helpful guide comparing Paper and Rpet Plastic cups, to help you choose the most eco-friendly option for your workplace. 

Drink cups

Our Offerings: 

  • Drink Cups (Paper and Rpet Plastic)  
  • PCV & Paper Containers 
  • Paper Bags, Carriers & Wraps 
  • Table Covers & Place-Mats 

For more details on our catering supplies and equipment, you can click here. If you’d like to request a quote for any of our products, feel free to visit our website. 

Commercial Laundry & Kitchen Equipment 

When it comes to running a successful canteen, pub, restaurant, hotel, or educational institute, having reliable and efficient laundry and kitchen equipment is essential. We are delighted to partner with Shorrock Trichem, renowned experts in commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment, to provide top-notch solutions for your business needs. 

Our Offerings: 

  • Commercial Washing Machines 
  • Commercial Tumble Dryers 
  • Commercial Disinfection Units 
  • Dishwashers 
  • Ironing & Finishing 

Looking to upgrade or set up your kitchen and laundry facilities? Discover more about our diverse range of kitchen and laundry equipment by visiting our website: Kitchen & Laundry Equipment

Get a quote here for any of our products: https://www.pristinecommercialcleaningservices.co.uk/quote/ 

Equip your business with high-quality commercial laundry and kitchen equipment to enhance efficiency, cleanliness, and productivity. 

Why Pristine Commercial Cleaning? 

“With a dedicated team helped by Ian and Alice, Pristine offers an extensive product range and exceptional service to enhance your business’s cleanliness and productivity. Trust Pristine for all your commercial cleaning needs. From our comprehensive product range and lightning-fast shipping to our eco-friendly products, free fitting service, one-stop-shop convenience, and exceptional customer service, we have everything you need to keep your business sparkling!”- Tracie Dudley Shaw, Director at Pristine. 

In conclusion, at Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services, our dedicated team is committed to providing high-quality cleaning supplies and exceptional customer service. Our team, including Ian and Alice, also offers tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes. With our extensive range of products, eco-friendly solutions, and quick shipping, we aim to make the process of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment effortless for our clients.  

Whether you need cleaning equipment, coffee supplies, washroom products, water coolers, catering supplies, or commercial laundry and kitchen equipment, we’ve got you covered. 

If your business requires any cleaning supplies or equipment or are in need of a clean, our dedicated team is at your service. To enlist the expertise of our professionals, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team members. You can contact us directly on 0808 503 7550 or info@pccsl.co.uk. For a complimentary, no-obligation quote, simply complete the contact form provided. 

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