Internal & External High Level Cleaning: All You Need To Know Guide

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The information contained in this article draws on the experience within Pristine Commercial Cleaning. The team between them have over 100 years cleaning experience in domestic and commercial cleaning.

High level cleaning is a specialty of Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services and provided below is information on what high level cleaning is, what services would be included under high level cleaning and much more. Needless to say, to offer this service, we have a team of highly skilled and fully trained personnel who, dare we say this, enjoy working at heights.

What is High Level Cleaning?

High level cleaning is pretty much as the name suggests, cleaning at high levels. At its simplest, it is cleaning that requires either equipment or individuals at a height to enable cleaning of surfaces, whether internal or external.

Of course, many will only consider the external cleaning at height when they see individual abseiling to clean windows or on access platforms to clean cladding. However, there are of course internal walls and ceilings in some types of premises that are high too, and still need cleaning.

Importantly, with the potential dangers of cleaning at heights, it is vital that appropriate Health & Safety procedures, insurance and training is provided. More on this later.

High Level Cleaning Services

So, if we say that any commercial cleaning at height is high level cleaning, what services would be included in high level industrial and commercial cleaning? For ease, and to make the list more manageable, let’s split this into two types of high level cleaning, external and internal.

External High Level Cleaning Services

These services would include the cleaning of premises externally where the cleaning needs to take place at height and would include window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, cladding or façade cleaning, solar panel cleaning, banner and signage cleaning, skylights and canopies to name perhaps the most common.

Roof Cleaning

Internal High Level Cleaning Services

If you consider these services are needed for any commercial premises with high ceilings then the types of services would include commercial ceiling cleaning including cleaning of internal roofing where appropriate, cleaning of light fittings, internal cladding and wall cleaning, duct and conduit cleaning, cleaning of structural steels, skylights and other windows internally.

Types of Premises

Any commercial or industrial buildings or premises with height will require specialist high level cleaning services. Such premises would include:

Beverage Plant Clean Panelling By Hand
  • Car dealers
  • Historic buildings
  • Distribution centres
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Office blocks
  • Apartment blocks
  • Large retail outlets
  • Cinemas and leisure complexes
  • Supermarkets
  • Churches and community centres
  • Large chillers and fridges

Pristine has experience of high level cleaning in all these types of premises.

High Level Cleaning Procedures

Working at height requires that commercial cleaners follow strict procedures to ensure the safety of staff, customers and the general public. The dangers of working at heights are obvious but must not be under-estimated. All staff at Pristine that work at heights are highly trained and accredited professionally where appropriate.

Cleaning Outside Of Kia Dealership

Pristine’s cleaning procedures for high level cleaning include:

  1. Initial inspection and survey

    To provide a quotation the commercial cleaning company should complete an initial inspection of the site to be cleaned. This will enable the company to assess what equipment will be needed, the best cleaning products to be used, and therefore provide you with an accurate quotation.

    Pristine will in fact complete this initial survey and inspection free of charge and will highlight any areas of concern in relation to the fabric of the building too.
    Men Fitting Solar Panels on Roof
  2. Arrival to complete the cleaning work

    Staff will arrive on-site on the agreed day and time as agreed. Any equipment and cleaning solutions will be delivered on-site either by the staff or at an agreed time for signing in by our staff. You can be assured that we will minimise any interruption to your business, your working day or your clients and customers.

    For specialist cleaning such as high level cleaning, we always ensure that there are at least two Pristine personnel on-site.
  3. Additional inspection

    Once on site, the cleaning team are briefed on what is required based on the approved quotation. We ensure that the team are fully briefed on any dangers to be taken into consideration and ensure we provide time for input from the team too. Their experience and understanding of the task at hand is invaluable.
  4. Make the work area safe

    Before commencing the cleaning task, we take the time to cordon off the area so that our team can work in a safe space, and to prevent customers or the general public coming to any harm also. If pavements need diverting, we ensure that this happens so that there is still a right of way available to passers-by.
  5. Clean high level and low level
    Using the most appropriate equipment and cleaning solutions, we will then undertake the high level cleaning of the premises – whether internal or external. We start at height and work down to the low level ensuring cladding, facades and brick work are cleaned to a high standard. We only work from top to bottom when using certain chemical free process, ie.. The Doff System and Reach & Wash System, if washing walls, using a hard surface cleaner by hand, then we will start from the bottom up, so that no streaks or chemical runs have excessive contact time, with the surface, as this will leave run marks on the surface, due to excessive contact time.

    Where there is any degradation of surfaces, we will of course make you aware of the situation, provide additional help and advice, and if appropriate remedy the situation once the additional works have been approved. You can rest assured that our quotation is binding, and we do not charge for extra work without first getting the appropriate approvals.
  6. Final Inspection

    When it comes to the final inspection, we have a checklist that is completed to confirm all appropriate actions based on our quotation have been completed to a high standard. If there are any items missed or any final touches needed, these are undertaken before we leave your premises. You can be sure that the cleaning will be Pristine.

High Level Cleaning Equipment

The cleaning equipment used for high level cleaning varies based on the premises, the type of surface to be cleaned and the actual height of the building.

Potential high level cleaning equipment includes:

Ladder cleaning
  • Ladders – easy to transport and use, but to provide hazards at certain heights. Ladders are still used but less so with the introduction of long poles.
  • Long Reach Poles and Water Fed Brushes – with 80-foot poles, cleaning internally and externally can be achieved using poles and brushes where appropriate.
    Internal Power Washing
  • Access Platforms, sometimes called Cherry Pickers or Aerial Platforms include Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms and One Man Lift Platforms – this type of equipment is often used for large premises such as car dealerships where there is a large expanse of cladding to be cleaned.
  • Abseiling which is often called Rope Access Cleaning – of course abseiling can be hazardous and yet effective when it comes to cleaning office and apartment blocks as shown in the photos from recent projects undertaken by Pristine.
    Man Cleaning Ceiling
  • Vacuum cleaning – high level internal vacuum cleaning is often required to remove dust and debris from ceilings.

The decision on the equipment to be used is based on staff safety, the premises to be cleaned, the surface to be cleaned and the area available for our team as well as minimising disruption for our clients, their customers as well as the general public.

Depending on the surface to be cleaned, we may recommend:

  • Power Washing sometimes called jet washing or pressure washer
  • DOFF Steam Cleaning
  • Soft Washing
  • Reach & Wash
  • Shot Blasting
  • Washing by Hand, as well as a range of other solutions.

High Level Cleaning Chemicals

If we are using specialist cleaning equipment, we will generally use the approved chemicals for the cleaning equipment being used. Often, where we are able to, we will use our own manufactured chemicals which are bespoke to ourselves and ensure a Pristine clean.

Cleaning Factory Exterior

High Level Cleaning Accreditations

When it comes to high level cleaning there are some specific accreditations to look out for, and Pristine has all of these. They include:

Two Men Abseiling & Cleaning Windows

For Window Cleaning, the British Window Cleaning Academy which is the recognised training body for the window cleaning industry in Britain. You should expect your commercial window cleaners to be members of this body. For window cleaning with ropes and abseiling, the leading association is IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. This body promotes high standards, safety, work quality and best practice for the industrial rope access industry.

For Cleaning at Height – IPAF trained. IPAF stands for the International Powered Access Federation and the organisation promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.

Again, for Working and Cleaning at Heights – PASMA trained. PASMA stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ & Manufacturers’ Association Ltd. This is the international not-for-profit association for the mobile access tower industry.

For Industrial and Commercial Cleaning – accreditations to CSCS, CHAS and Safe Contractor are recommended.

High Level Cleaning Services from Pristine

Pristine offers all the cleaning services outlined in this article and our services are offered to the very highest standard at competitive rates.

Beverage Plant Ceiling Washed By Hand

Window Cleaning – Our window cleaning team are members of the British Window Cleaning Academy and are expertly trained in the safe operation of our Wash and Reach Thermo-Pure Technology, as well as the safe use of ladders. We can clean windows up to 80ft from floor level with our pole system; we can also tackle windows even higher than this with specialist equipment. As well as offer rope based cleaning following IRATA standards and procedures.

Cleaning at Heights – Rest assured, our team are IPAF trained and adept at working safely at heights.

Internal High Level Cleaning – Whatever equipment we use, our teams are fully trained, accredited and insured to carry out the necessary cleaning in an effective and efficient manner. At Pristine we expect high standards to be achieved each and every day.

Industrial Cleaning – Our industrial cleaning teams are all trained to CSCS, IPAF and PASMA standards, and they are fully licensed to carry out the cleaning of any new developments.

High Level Cleaning Equipment – Using high-tech equipment, our team of specialists also clean the exteriors of buildings (stone and brick). This external cleaning work can include windows, gutters, tanks, sumps and more. We train all our staff in-house and never use personnel from other agencies; this is why we fully guarantee our work and why we’re absolutely confident we can fulfil all clients’ cleaning requirements and needs.


High Level Ceiling Cleaning with Scissor Lift By Hand

There is no doubt that high level cleaning is a specialist type of commercial cleaning that requires specific skills and training. When choosing your commercial cleaner for high level cleaning make sure they have the appropriate accreditations but also make sure staff are fully trained, have the opportunity to keep their training up to date and are also fully insured as individuals as well as the cleaning company too.

As for references from other happy customers, as well as case studies of similar projects so you are certain of their expertise.

Pristine has experience of cleaning a whole range of premises from car dealerships and historic buildings to apartment blocks and distribution centres.

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We hoped you’ve found the information in ‘High level cleaning: All you need to know’ useful and informative. If you have feedback or comments then please do email us Thank you.

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