A Lot Of Hot Air At Hesley Hall

Pristine were in their element recently at Hesley Hall, letting off steam. Though that sounds like they were part of an Iron Man-type contest, or they were relaxing in a hot tub in the grounds, they were simply carrying out one of their specialist commercial contracts using the DOFF steam cleaner.

Pristine staff exercised their knowledge and skills with this unique cleaning system against the exterior of the Hall. Capable of reaching extremely high temperatures and significant pressure, the system has the potential to cause damage if wielded by someone who hasn’t undergone the appropriate training. Knowing which substance/surface can cope with which level of heat and pressure comes from intensive instruction and experience – the last thing you want to see is a layer of your stone/brickwork disappear from the outside of your building!

Some surfaces require low pressure and but plenty of steam and heat whilst others may need plenty of water pressure but at a cool temperature; it’s knowing the difference before attempting the job that makes the difference – it’s not something that should be found out by mistake as damage will already have been done.

Pristine’s staff are trained, certified, experienced users of the DOFF system, and they regularly use the equipment at various clients’ premises.

The DOFF system is highly effective on stone surfaces. Reaching up to 150°C without damaging the material that’s being cleaned, the pressure and steam expelled from the system removes practically all grime and biological matter, which, if left, can cause long-term damage to buildings and structures. A building’s clean exterior does not just make it more aesthetically pleasing in the short-term; regular cleaning can help to preserve cladding and stone, lengthening the life of the structure and saving the owners money on its maintenance and repair.

This heat also kills off microscopic bacteria and prevents its growth, eradicating the need for biochemicals, which can be too harsh for some materials and masonry. It’s for this reason, the DOFF system is chosen by heritage organisations, such as English Heritage and the National Trust, as it has the potential to preserve the exterior of older, more delicate buildings as well as make them spotless.

The steam system doesn’t just remove everyday dirt and grime, it also has the capacity to remove stubborn stains. Graffiti and paint can also be removed from exteriors without deterioration of the stonework or brick underneath.

The DOFF system doesn’t make much noise and cleaning can therefore be carried out when the building is in use, without impact on the business and/or visitors coming to the premises. And, because it mostly uses just water, it’s an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

Dirty stonework sprouting various weeds and fungi in its cracks doesn’t make any building appear smart or looked-after. Clean up the exterior of your premises with this effective, affordable solution, applied by a team of professionals.

Contact Pristine on 0800 7311 763 or visit our website www.pristinecommercialcleaningservices.co.uk and complete the contact form for a no-obligation, tailored quote.

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