Is Greater Self-reliance The Future?

This isn’t a political post (we’re sure that we could spark hundreds of opinions about the imports and exports of our country and our reliance on what’s produced elsewhere in the world).

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has given lots of us the chance to reflect on our lives and how we love them. On how we work, what we value, and any changes we could make that would make us better prepared to handle a similar crisis if it was to happen again.

Even before the coronavirus came onto the scene, climate activists and other groups campaigned for us all to be kinder to the environment, and to look at purchasing what we need from local suppliers – even to consider producing some things that we consume ourselves.

One example of this could be solar panels.

The idea of creating our own electricity was in vogue a decade or so ago but the idea has been less of a priority since then. However, the fear that supplies of vital services may be affected during a crisis has seen people recently rush to buy batteries for torches and stocks of candles, just in case the power that we take for granted isn’t there when we flick a switch.

With this in mind, maybe solar panels will see a rise in popularity.

It’s not just about ensuring we have heat and lighting. How we communicate with others during a twenty-first century lockdown relies on technology that needs to be powered. Candles and torches produce light, but they’re not much use when you want to charge your phone. Our reliance on the internet has made electricity supply more valued than ever.

Solar panels are certainly an investment, but an investment that could pay off in the long run. When weighing up the return of such an investment, ensure that you factor in maintenance costs – such as frequent cleaning.

As commercial cleaners, Pristine has the equipment and knowledge to clean solar panels easily. Without regular cleaning, the panels won’t work as efficiently, which will ultimately cost you much more over time than it would to simply upkeep them on a regular basis. Silt and debris can cling to the surface of panels as well as clog up their workings; maintenance is crucial if you plan to become more self-reliant and generate your own power.

To anyone old enough to remember the popular programme ‘The Good Life’, self-sufficiency is more than growing herbs on your windowsill…it’s a complete change of life. Thankfully, technology has eliminated some of the hard graft Tom and Barbara had to put up with; solar panels, once installed, are easily forgotten about once you’ve booked Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd to make sure they’re clean and dirt-free every couple of months or so.

If there ever was a blackout, or the country returned to a three-day week (like in the seventies) because power supply was in danger, those solar panels would be worth their weight in gold. Whilst extremes and crises are more often the subject of fiction, the coronavirus has shown us that life can change drastically in a matter of days.

Self-reliance is certainly worthy of deep thought amid a global pandemic.

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