It’s Fashionable To Be A Cleaner!

Unless you have no interaction whatsoever with any form of media, you’ll have undoubtedly heard of the Instagram cleaning queen ‘Mrs Hinch’. A fan of cleaning in order to feel calm and relaxed (as well as keeping her house looking beautiful, obviously), Mrs Hinch has gained a huge army of fans who all share her love of cleaning.

Such is her notoriety, her surname has become a verb; you can ‘hinch’ your home (read: give it a damn good going over, as we’d say in Yorkshire). She is continually approached by brands that sell cleaning materials, solutions and equipment who ask to collaborate with her in a bid to promote their wares.

In Doncaster (and increasingly further and further afield), Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd is gaining traction. Whilst it’s not yet a verb to ‘pristine’ your office, we do have our own strapline that echoes our sentiment: It’s not clean until Pristine’s been!

Pristine has seen unparalleled growth recently, which has culminated in our move to much larger premises. However, we don’t spend much time in the office. You can find us, instead, in everyone else’s offices – with legitimate reason, of course. Because, whilst there are millions of people who love to ‘hinch’ their homes, very few would be interested in hinching their workplace. As an employee (or business owner) you’re at work to exercise your skills, knowledge and experience, not your personal hobbies. Your time is much better spent helping the company you work for turn over more money – in your specific capacity/role – than emptying the bins and cleaning the loos. That’s why we exist, that’s our job.

We’re working on having the same online following as ‘The Hinch’, but as most of our time is spent hinching, social media influencing drops further down our to-do list.

A sparklingly-clean office will not only impress visitors and potential clients, research has shown that it will also reduce employees’ absenteeism.

Call Pristine on 0800 7311 763 or complete our online contact form for a no-obligation quote.

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