External Façade Survey

The external façade survey by Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd.

It is important to have a sound understanding before embarking on a cleaning project, a visual inspection will only tell you so much about the façade condition and how effective it will clean.

Pristine Commercial Cleaning can complete a survey looking at the issues of the roof, the source of the hidden problems viewing leaking, corroded gutters or sealants missing from flashing for example, all of which will be increasing the rate of material leeching and organic growth onto the façade.

Common survey problems.

  • Defective rainwater systems
  • Defective damp – proofing
  • Painted masonry
  • Corrosive metal component’s
  • Atmospheric pollution
  • UV damage and oxidation
  • Organic growth

These are all discussed in detail at your free site inspection.

Please contact us to arrange a quotation see what Pristine can improve for you.

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