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    When cleaning exteriors and facades across Yorkshire we commonly use a DOFF steam cleaner. A specialised piece of equipment, which is designed to effectively and quickly clean most surfaces, including brick, stone, concrete and metal, the DOFF system has been specifically engineered to remove resistant matter as well as everyday grime. As well as removing moss, algae and fungi, the smallest of organic spores are eradicated, too.

    The system is low cost to use and just needs a water supply to operate. It heats water to 150C before expelling it at a rate of 3 to 5 litres a minute. The DOFF system applies just enough force to effortlessly remove dirt and debris without inflicting any damage to surfaces. 

    Our team has been trained in use of the DOFF system and knows how to use the equipment to its best ability. A real benefit of the system is that surfaces, once cleaned, dry quickly; this leaves no risk of mould or moisture-damage, and therefore eradicates the need for biocides or preservative treatments.  

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    • Industrial Tank Cleaning

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