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DOFF Cleaning is popular for cleaning the exteriors of buildings, particularly historic ones, as the cleaning process allows for a thorough job, whilst being sympathetic to the materials found in heritage buildings. Using DOFF cleaning, you can bring back the heritage of a stunning historic building, almost like travelling back to the day it was built!

Particularly with heritage buildings, it is crucial to be precise with the correct temperature, pressure and distance throughout the DOFF cleaning process. Hiring a specialist DOFF cleaning company is the best way to ensure the stunning architecture of a heritage site is preserved successfully.

The tips and information found in this guide are drawn from the combined 100 years of commercial cleaning experience from the staff at Pristine, with a specialism in DOFF cleaning and heritage site cleaning.

What is DOFF Cleaning?

A DOFF steam cleaner is specifically designed to effectively and quickly deep clean most surfaces, such as brick, stone, concrete and metal. DOFF cleaning not only effortlessly removes the deepest of moss, algae, fungi and other grime, but it does it in a way that prevents damage to the surface, using no additional chemicals, simply very hot water!

How is DOFF different to regular steam cleaning?

DOFF cleaning is steam cleaning at an incredibly high temperature that is not usually achieved by a regular steam cleaner. The benefit of this high temperature is the increased capabilities in removing pretty much anything from a surface without the need for chemicals or a damaging level of pressure.

To achieve the same result, many other steam cleaners require the use of various chemicals which are useful in some scenarios but highly damaging in others, such as cleaning the exterior of a historic building.

What can a DOFF cleaner be used on?

Graffiti Removal DOFFDOFF cleaning is an excellent option for precious external surfaces such as Concrete, Brick, Wood, Stone, Metal and Cladding. The innovative cleaning method helps to remove almost anything such as moss, bird fouling, graffiti, chewing gum, grease and so much more!

The DOFF system is even highly useful at cleaning and disinfecting interior surfaces such as flooring (Eg: hospitals), toilets, kitchens, warehouses, factories and even swimming pools.

DOFF Cleaning Services

And so much more! If it’s a surface that looks near impossible to clean, you can be sure the team at Pristine will find a way to clean it!

DOFF cleaning for historic buildings

Doff cleaning DoncasterAt Pristine we use the DOFF system as not only is it recommended by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the National Trust, but it produces amazing results for heritage buildings in a short amount of time.

Our trained experts will conduct a full analysis of your building, taking into account specifics like the materials used on your building and any areas that might need specialist tools to reach.

After doing this, we will put together a super-efficient and structured plan that aims to deep clean your building in a timely manner, during a time that works with minimal interruption to your business.


Hesley HallOne of our longest-standing clients is Hesley Hall; A stunning heritage building that oozes character and charm. One of the reasons they have stayed with us for so long is that they know that at Pristine, we are trained not only on the correct cleaning procedures for listed buildings, but also knowledgeable of the regulations put in place by planning departments.

DOFF cleaning for interiors

The DOFF system is incredibly useful for sanitizing interiors, such as flooring, kitchens, toilets and even the hard to reach areas such as ceilings!

DOFF cleaning for industrial units

Whether it’s the sticky floor of a factory, greasy inside of complex machinery, or the ceilings of a warehouse; our team are not only trained in using the state-of-the-art DOFF cleaner, but they’re also trained to work at heights too!

What are the benefits of DOFF cleaning?

DOFF BLOG earthNo chemicals and eco friendly
DOFF equipment uses just water with no chemicals needed, making it not only cheaper and more sympathetic to delicate surfaces than chemical cleaning solutions, but also less harmful to the planet.

Quick process
As DOFF cleaning uses temperatures much higher than regular pressure washing, it makes light work of restorations and detailed cleaning jobs, perfect for continuing business operations with minimal interruption. It also dries incredibly quickly, and there’s no need for chemicals!

Doff Cleaning At Ringways Kia DoncasterImproves exteriors
By removing unwanted stains, dirt or graffiti from a building, DOFF cleaning helps to improve your business’ appearance in front of potential customers and clients. Alongside the obvious benefits of having an attractive business, occasional DOFF cleaning can help to make your building easier to maintain in the future.

With some of our DOFF cleaning services, a disinfectant can be used to fully sanitise areas where cleanliness is crucial. This is why hospitals, dental practices, care homes and schools use DOFF cleaning.

Industry and government-wide recognition
Particularly for heritage buildings, DOFF cleaning is recommended by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the National Trust. With DOFF cleaning, you’re assured that your building is being cleaned in a way that is sympathetic to fragile surfaces, leaving no damage and ensuring a Pristine clean.

How much is DOFF cleaning?

Accredited Cleaning ServicesAt Pristine we would love to be able to give a standard price to our readers, but we believe our clients get the best price when we have a thorough understanding of their project. We like to treat each project as case-specific! Fortunately, all of our quotes are free, so if you would like to know how much it would cost for your project or simply more information on DOFF cleaning, please get in touch!

Whilst you can technically buy or rent a DOFF cleaner yourself, they’re expensive and require specialist training to be used effectively, particularly on delicate surfaces.

Different surfaces require varying temperatures, levels of pressure and equipment to clean effectively and without damage. There are also those hard-to-reach areas that benefit from specific attachments and equipment.

It usually works out much cheaper and time-efficient to hire a professional DOFF cleaning specialist, as it’s not something you’re likely going to need doing regularly.

By hiring an established professional DOFF cleaning company, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the best approach is being taken for the type of surface you need cleaning, ensuring that your surfaces are being treated properly with no damage. What’s more, we have numerous accreditations and licenses to ensure a quality clean, every time!

One thing is for sure, hiring a professional will almost always be much cheaper than buying the equipment and undertaking training to do the work yourself!


DOFF cleaning has to be one of the most innovative cleaning methods to have been invented in the cleaning world! Although it may just seem like another form of pressure washing to most people, at Pristine we’re obsessed with the technology, as we’ve seen first-hand the transformation it can make! Flexible, fast, precise, reliable and cheap – what’s not to love!

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Whether it’s the restoration of an old building, sanitising of a hospital or even the removal of graffiti, DOFF cleaning is a cost-effective, quick and reliable cleaning solution!

For more information on our diverse range of DOFF Cleaning Solutions and to request a free initial survey and quote, please contact us using our Quote form, by email at or by calling us on 0800 7311 763.


We hoped you’ve found the information in our ‘DOFF Cleaning: All you need to know’ guide useful and informative. If you have feedback or comments, then please do email us Thank you.

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