There’s Currently One Word That’s Guaranteed To Capture People’s Attention…coronavirus.

If we thought the news was overrun with mention of Brexit, you’d have to be on a different planet not to have heard the word ‘Coronavirus’ in every report across the airwaves at the moment.

Some people argue that a state of hysteria is being created by the media, but an awful lot of people across the U.K. are heeding what they’re hearing and buying extra stocks of staple foods, sanitising solutions and toilet roll, should they be forced to isolate themselves anytime soon.

As each day progresses, more and more people are erring on the side of caution and now businesses are taking the situation very seriously.

If the trend here mirrors that of Italy, enforced isolation and effective lockdown could become a reality for inhabitants of the U.K.

Could you afford to stay in business if your entire workforce had to self-isolate? Is it practical for your employees to work from home (which is what the government is suggesting may happen, amongst other things)? For retail businesses, front-line services, factories and many other industries, it’s not an option for employees to do the same kind of work in their homes.

If there was a Coronavirus breakout and lockdown across the U.K. how would you manage?

We can’t say if this is going to happen or not. However, we can help reduce the risk of contamination in the first place.

We can deep clean and disinfect your shop, industrial unit or business premises, so that the virus has less chance to spread. If your employees also follow good hygiene practices whilst there, you may be able to stave off an outbreak or minimise its impact. We have specialist equipment to clean and sterilise at high temperatures, and we can get in every nook and cranny that may be housing all sorts of microorganisms. We can attend out of hours for minimal disruption and come as often as you need us.

We have no way of knowing how the whole Coronavirus situation will play out, but it makes sense for your own health, as well of that of your colleagues, to put as much effort as you can into reducing the risk of catching or transmitting the virus in the first place, rather than simply waiting for it to hit.

Call 0800 731 1763 for more information or fill in our contact from here. Protect your business, don’t ‘wait to see what happens’, as it might be too late to act at that point.

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