Stay Safe, Stay In Business

Just a week or so on from our last blog about the now-infamous Coronavirus, things have stepped up another gear.

In our last blog, we were recommending extra hygiene and using the services of commercial cleaners like ourselves to routinely clean and disinfect your workplace. What was a recommendation is now a necessity, if you wish to attract the public and your employees to your premises/workplace.

Some companies won’t remain open throughout the pandemic – due to the nature of the business, the health of its employees, demand from customers, and many other eventualities. This situation may be beyond your control, as a business owner, and it’s changing on a daily basis; however, what’s in your control is being able to reassure your staff and customers that you’re putting cleanliness and sterilisation – and they’re safety – as your number one priority at this current time.

Our operatives are highly proficient at carrying out deep cleans, and are adept at accessing hard-to-reach or easily missed spots that are actually quite vital in the current climate – such as vents and extractors, which can affect internal air quality (and therefore have an impact on people’s respiratory systems), as well as cleaning under, above and behind all equipment in a bid to ensure germs are captured.

Of course, the overriding priority is frequent sanitisation of areas that are used the most, e.g. door handles, computer keyboards, counter tops, toilets, even the handle of the kettle. These are the elements touched most frequently by everyone in the office and they therefore need to be cleaned very often at the moment. When we come to deep clean, we can highlight areas like these that you should be focusing on with your own cleaning in-between our visits. Between us, we can keep your business going as long as it can, and help you give the public the confidence that it’s safe to visit your premises.

There isn’t much time to think about engaging our services. You need to act now, as the virus continues to spread and before it reaches its peak. If enforced closure does affect your business later down the line, you may appreciate even a couple of extra weeks of trading.

We can come into your premises and deep clean around your opening hours, so as not to disturb operations, and to keep things as typical as possible. All our staff are trained keyholders if this works better for you.

Call 0800 7311 763 for a no-obligation quotation or fill in our contact form for more information.

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