Continuing The Fight Against Coronavirus

Just as we’d talked about taking steps within your business to remain open, within a few days everything changed again, and only essential businesses are currently encouraged to trade.

As a company, we have public contracts as well as private clients, which means we’re cleaning hospitals, care homes, and similar premises.

Whilst it’s hard to determine how long offices and factories producing non-essential items may be closed, it would be prudent to think of the moment your staff return to work. Whilst the virus will likely have died out in an empty office during the time workers are at home, what about mould and other spores that could still cause health problems?

If your premises are empty, it’s the perfect time to arrange a deep clean. No sections to cordon off, no employees to work around, the ability to move furniture, grilles and appliances to get to every single nook and cranny. When was the last time you carried out a deep clean on your commercial property?

Dust will continue to fall even when a building is stood empty, which could affect machinery and become a fire risk if it builds up too much. Heat from the sun and any damp in the Spring air will fuel the growth of bacteria and mould on windowsills. Food crumbs left by staff before they were sent home could turn mouldy and attract vermin in certain places.

Cleanliness should be a continuous priority, whether your premises are being used or not.

The existence of this virus has shown all of us how quickly things can spread. And how we can be under threat so severely by something we can’t even see. Spores in the atmosphere and air whirring through dirty vents and grilles won’t help anyone who has had the virus and recovered, given that Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. The last thing you will need, as a business owner, is for your staff to return, the wheel of the UK economy to start moving again, then employees needing time off to recuperate because their asthma has been triggered, or flu-like symptoms have returned, due to the degenerative state of their workplace. Can your business afford to take a second wave of sickness when everything goes back to normal?

We have the skills and the tools to sanitise and disinfect your workplace. Maybe you’ve never had the premises deep cleaned…perhaps the Coronavirus how shown us all how necessary deep cleaning is, given the sheer number of things we touch and breathe over every single day. Or how important it is to deeply sanitise things that are touched more frequently, e.g. the outer door handle and entry keypad, the toilet locks and the handle of the kettle.

Remember: it’s not clean until Pristine’s been. Call 0800 7311 763 or fill out our form for a no obligation quotation and more information.

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