12 Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips

Put yourself in their shoes

You see your business premises every day as you come into work, if you’re coming into work at the moment of course. You probably park in the same space, use the same hand to carry your keys/fob and unlock the door, and sit at the same desk once inside – certainly, hot desking may not be happening currently and may not happen moving forward.

A typical worker spends eight hours a day in the same building. It’s fair to say that that worker would be comfortable with their surroundings and, as the owner of the business, you will also be comfortable too.

Shop Front

That’s not a good thing!

If you have retail premises or a workplace that’s open to the public, or premises like offices, manufacturing and warehousing facilities with visits from potential customers then those four walls are your calling card.

You may have a beautiful sign above the entrance, but if you also have cracked glass in your entrance doors, your gutters spilling over with moss and weeds, and windows caked in grime, what do you think your customers will notice more? What impression would they gather about your business?

Seeing the same things every day can cause you to become blind to them. That months-old spider’s web in the corner may not have any impact on your daily workload, but it’s like a beacon to visitors, telling them that you don’t take any interest in, or care of, your surroundings.

Having entered a brand-new year, spring is on its way; the time of year when most businesses turn their attention to deep cleaning after the dreary winter months, however, one spring clean a year is not enough. Yes, your premises may look sparkling for a couple of weeks, but what about the other 50 weeks of the year? Why go to such effort and expense to then let things slide?

So, when it comes to our commercial spring cleaning tips, we would recommend periodic cleaning. Depending on the type of property, the level of usage, and how often the premises are visited by prospective clients and customers, we may recommend monthly or quarterly ‘spring cleans’ or ‘deep cleans’. We have 12 spring cleaning tips below which we hope you will find of use:

Rubbish Bin
  1. Get rid of clutter
    We would recommend starting with a general declutter. Look around your offices and premises. What is lying around that should not be? Find a home for what you intend to keep, recycle what you can, and dispose of the rest in an appropriate manner. Of course, sensitive information in paper form may need specialist waste disposal, in which case simple Google search for ‘Confidential Waste Disposal’ helps to ensure you dispose of this waste correctly and responsibly.

    Further to this point, when disposing of computers make sure again that these are disposed of correctly and that any sensitive data is properly removed from the device.

    Once you are happy with the decluttering, it’s time to get to some actual cleaning of your surroundings.
    Messy Desk
  2. Dust and clean thoroughly
    Start with dusting and sanitising, not just the tables – with a spring clean you want to be thorough. Monitors, computers, keyboards, mouse, lamps, and lights including light fittings, shelves, windowsills, tops of cabinets and cupboards, radiators, air-cons, door handles, light switches, keypads and more.

    Make sure all electrical devices are switched off before dusting and cleaning. Wipe down with a damp cloth where appropriate and remove any stains.

    You really want to be dusting and cleaning all the surfaces.
  3. Clean walls
    Have a look at the walls and check for any cracks or chipped paint which can naturally occur with wear and tear. You’ll need to decide whether you need to repaint or touch up certain area, and you’ll obviously want to dust down walls and remove any cobwebs.
    Man Cleaning Window
  4. Clean windows
    You may have a commercial cleaning company clean your windows already. However, if they only clean the outside, you’ll need to clean the inside of the windows or ask the window cleaning company to undertake the internal window cleaning at agreed regular intervals.

    Hiring a commercial window cleaning company certainly makes sense when you are working in a tall building, as they will have all the appropriate cleaning equipment. In fact, Pristine offers commercial window cleaning services and we use specialist cleaning equipment including our 80ft pole system for cleaning tall buildings. For office blocks and high-rise apartment blocks we also offer window cleaning using abseiling as well as power-assisted platforms and all our team are IPAF trained and work safely at heights.
  5. Clean floors – carpets, and other flooring
    During the winter the floors undoubtedly put up with damp and dirt as people enter the premises regularly. Even with the usual barrier mats, chances are your flooring, whether carpet or hard flooring, will be looking rather grimy and soiled, especially close to entrances but also in major walkways and corridors.
    Hoover For Carpet Cleaning
    Whichever the surface, it’s always best to start with a vacuuming of the flooring, and then to follow up with a deeper clean which may involve stain removal, unless you have commercial carpet cleaning machines then you’ll be on your hands and knees trying to get the stubborn stains out.

    Hard flooring can be maintained easier and is best vacuumed and then mopped.

    Whatever you do, it’s most likely quicker to get a professional commercial cleaning firm in, rather than tackling it yourself. And you can find out about our commercial floor cleaning service here.

    Looking after your flooring will extend the useful life of it so some regular attention will mean your investment lasts much longer.
  6. Upholstery
    If you have any communal areas or a reception area with settees and office chairs that are upholstered, then you need to look to give this furniture a deep clean. Removing any stains as well as perhaps hair, dust and more, and this will help remove any unwanted odours.

    Of course, there is specialist equipment for cleaning upholstery, or you can check the cleaning instructions and use a mixture of water and soap. For more stubborn stains you may need to use a stronger cleaning product, but you do need to be careful as you don’t want any unsightly patches. Bicarbonate of soda can also be sprinkled onto dry upholstery and left for 20 to 30 minutes and then vacuumed off to reduce any odour issues.
    Office Kitchen Area
  7. Clean the kitchen area
    If your premises has kitchen areas these will require a good spring clean or deep clean on a more regular basis than other areas. Where food and drink is stored, as well as equipment to warm up and store food such as fridges, it is very important to prevent mould and potential contamination of food by ensuring that the kitchen is cleaned well on a daily or weekly basis, depending on how much the facility is used.

    This will involve cleaning of all surfaces, cleaning of equipment including microwaves, toasters, etc. as well as regularly checking and cleaning the fridge.

    Rubbish bins in this area may also require emptying more regular than in other areas.
  8. Clean the meeting rooms
    When it comes to the meeting room, you’ll have already decluttered, cleaned windows and vacuumed as well as cleaned any upholstery as part of the previous steps, so the room should already be starting to feel cleaner. 
    Office Meeting Room
    Specifically, in meeting rooms, you may have large TV screens, and their controls, potentially plenty of sockets for laptops and other devices, white boards, and marker pens, as well as flip charts, and potentially a big table. This all needs cleaning thoroughly, so don’t forget chair legs, cleaning and polishing the table and cleaning any pictures.

    If you have a white board or flip chart, inspect the pens and dispose of those that have dried out, order replacements, remove any used paper from the flip chart and possibly order more stock.

    With the white board, you can clean this with the white board eraser or even hand sanitiser which should be readily available, or vinegar diluted with water. To clean the white board eraser itself there’s just a few simple steps:

    1) Brush off any loose particles
    2) Using a mild detergent in water, making sure it is bleach free detergent and sock the eraser in the liquid for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can give it a scrub with a brush if needed.
    3) Remove from the liquid, remove any excess water and allow to dry in a warm place – air dry the eraser.
    Wiping Desk With PPE and Gloves
  9. Clean the toilets and shower facilities if you have them
    With the toilet and washroom facilities you have a responsibility as the business owner to keep these clean and as hygienic as possible. There are also legal obligations related to the disposal of sanitary waste.

    In terms of the cleaning of toilets and showers, you may prefer to hire a commercial cleaning company, but if not, here are a few tips to consider:
  • Of course, make sure you use separate cleaning equipment for the cleaning of these areas. Equipment would include waterproof rubber gloves, toilet cleaner, toilet brush, etc.
  • Clean all surfaces thoroughly using appropriate cleaning products.
  • When completing a deep clean think about the areas that don’t often get cleaned such as behind the bowl and in all the nooks and crannies.
  • Besides cleaning the toilet bowl, don’t forget the toilet water tank which can become dirty and can be cleaned. Adding a few cups of vinegar and soaking before cleaning will help remove any grime.
  • Make sure you have hand sanitiser before you enter the toilet or shower area as well as in there.
  • Make sure you have appropriate rubbish collection facilities.
  • Ensure your hand dryers are working and provide paper towels too.
Outside of Office Building
  1. Clean around the outside of your premises
    When you consider that this is the first thing employees, visitors and potential customers will see, it’s important that the outside of your building looks pristine.

    In fact Pristine Commercial Cleaning offers façade cleaning and gutter cleaning services and can help with removal of graffiti as wekk. For tips on façade or cladding cleaning, check out our blog, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Cladding Cleaning’.  

    When you look to clean the outside of the building, besides the façade, you’ll want to clean signage and potentially repair it too. If you have some borders, bushes, trees and plants then these will need regular trimming back and maintenance. Hard landscaping and car parking spaces may need power washing and oil patches may need removing.
    Dirty Guttering
  2. Don’t forget the gutters and the roof
    As part of cleaning around the outside of the building, don’t forget to look up. You’ll need the gutters cleaning on a regular basis if you have trees close to the premises especially. Again, unless you have ladders to hand and your building isn’t very tall, you’re best getting in the professionals. You can find out about Pristine’s commercial gutter cleaning service here.

    Your roof also needs inspecting and any damage repairing as a priority. Specialist roofing contractors are best hired for this particular job.
  3. HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance
    This is certainly a job for specialists. The air conditioners will need the air filter changing, clean and clear the condensate drain, clean the evaporator coil and check your air conditioners ducts. This should be completed on a regular preventative maintenance schedule, your air conditioners will work more efficiently and will be less likely to breakdown when you really need them working.

So, when it comes to a spring clean of your commercial premises, there’s lots that you could take on yourself. The question then becomes whether you are better spending your time on your business and generating sales and keeping your clients happy.

If truth be told, it’s probably better that you partner with a reputable commercial cleaning company.

Clean Office Desk

Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services offers a range of cleaning packages. We can come during your working hours or around them, and we clearly see clients’ premises as your customers/visitors see them. We can have such objectivity because we are not there 24/7, and we can therefore target and address all the areas that need attention that you would otherwise miss.

It’s probably a given that some customers won’t notice a thoroughly clean space but this is what you want… you don’t want them to focus on their surroundings when they should be focusing on what you sell. However, they will notice a grubby, neglected space.

Your products could be wonderfully sparkly and beautiful and the best things since sliced bread, but if they live amongst dirt and grime, they’ll soon lose their shine in more ways than one. Your customers will simply go elsewhere.

So, our advice is: don’t’ fall foul of ‘building blindness’. Contact Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services and be prepared for your customers to be dazzled the minute they step onto your property. Call 0800 7311 763 or complete the contact form on our website for a free, no obligation quote.

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