It’s Not Just Gordon Ramsay Who Can Have A Kitchen Nightmare

A working/industrial kitchen will, by nature, quickly become a dirty. (If your kitchen never becomes dirty, can we assume you don’t actually use it?!)

The spattering of various liquids, crumbs and morsels of food in nooks and crannies, and fluff clinging to greasy/sticky surfaces are typical examples of what you would find in a dirty, unhygienic industrial kitchen.

Clean kitchen surface in an officeClean kitchen surface in an office

You may meticulously clean down your kitchen at the end of the working day, but after a long shift how many pull out the cookers and fridges and clean behind them? Who gets right into the slats of every air vent and the grilles of the extractor fans? Who scrubs the ceiling of grease spots? Who sanitises every inch of the dead and awkward spaces around the kitchen; inside every cupboard and along every single shelf?

There are not enough hours in the day to do this on a daily basis. These kinds of things, luckily, can be cleaned a little less often, as part of a regular deep-cleaning regime.

It’s a good idea to get a third party, like Pristine Commercial Cleaning Solutions Ltd, to carry out your deep-clean. We won’t view any space as ‘dead space’; every surface and area will get the same thorough treatment. Plus, it gives your hard-working staff a break if we do it.

As with most commercial cleaning, this small investment saves you money in the long run, as the cleaning of any equipment or machinery ultimately extends its working life.

Back to Gordon Ramsay…he remembers some of the worst kitchens he encountered when making his programme ‘Kitchen Nightmares’. One was infested with flies and cockroaches due to the rotten food the business stored. Another ‘recycled’ chips, i.e. any chips that came back into the kitchen, because the diner was no longer hungry, got reheated and went out on another diner’s plate. One kitchen housed rat droppings whilst its oven was caked in grease, and mould was also a permanent inhabitant.

Some of the chefs/managers featured on Ramsay’s programme argued that it wasn’t their job to clean the over/floor/kitchen/food storage boxes. Politics aside, it must be someone’s job if you’re serving food to the public – there’s no two ways about it. At least if it’s Pristine’s role to deep-clean and sanitise your kitchen, it will get done, and it will be done well.

The end result: a kitchen even Gordon Ramsay would be proud of.

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