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Just how much does a commercial cleaning company cost?

Of course, we get asked this question all the time. In fact, and perhaps quite rightly, it is often the first question a potential customer will ask us, and it’s why we have the Quick Quote form just to the right on all our blog posts.

How do we calculate the cost of cleaning your premises?

We aim to provide a maximum quality cleaning service at minimum cost. To do this we use a variety of methods for determining the final quoted price.

What influences the price we charge?

  1. The type of cleaning service that is required
    Depending on the type of cleaning work to be completed, we will need to decide on the best equipment and best team to complete the job as effectively and efficiently as possible. Clearly professional equipment and a trained team enable us to provide competitive prices as we will be able to provide the most efficient service. This helps to not only keep our time down but also to minimise any disruption to your business and teams.

    Specialist cleaning of manufacturing machines, industrial cleaning and high-level cleaning are generally a higher price as specialist equipment, knowledge and training are required to complete the task.

    We then look at whether the commercial cleaning service is to be completed as a one-off project or as a regular contract. Regular contract cleaning is generally more cost effective.
  2. Size of the premises
    Clearly the bigger the area to clean, the longer the cleaning will take and therefore the more hours will be needed to clean the property effectively. Of course, we can prioritise certain areas for more regular cleaning than others dependant on footfall and usage to ensure a price that works for you.

    We offer a free site survey where needed so that we can provide an accurate quotation. Our free External Façade Survey is a great example.
  3. Condition of the property
    If the property hasn’t been cleaned for some time, then the time required to complete the initial clean will be longer and as a result this may attract additional fees. However, once a cleaning schedule is established the prices can often be reduced.
  4. Emergency cleaning services
    We occasionally come to the rescue of customers who experience urgent cleaning issues. In these situations where we need to call on our teams at short notice, at the weekend or at night, there is usually an extra ‘call out’ charge.

    Examples of where we’ve had to help with emergency cleaning include:

    1. Doncaster Warehouse and Distribution Centres
      Some of the Pristine team were called out on a Sunday morning to help with a flooding incident at a client’s premises.

      Tracie Dudley Shaw, Director at Pristine commented, “I called up some of the team and we attended the incident and cleaned up the warehouse. We’re all about customer service at Pristine and this is just one example of how we go the extra mile for our clients.”
    2. Rockscape Energy
      The Energy to Waste Plant operated by Rockscape Energy required our services after a blow out of waste at their energy plant at Crowle, Lincolnshire. Now that was a big clean up.
Rockscape Before & After

How we calculate our final fees?

Clearly every commercial cleaning project or contract is unique and so providing the final quote requires some thought and research particularly regarding what you are actually looking for in your commercial cleaning provider.

The factors outlined above clearly impact the final price as well as the following:

  1. The hourly rate of our team
    We provide competitive salaries based on experience as we want the best possible team; a team that will go the extra mile when needed and provide the very best in customer service. By paying our teams competitively and by providing training and support, our personnel stay with us, so you receive cleaning from the same personnel each week, month, and quarter. Clearly this provides peace of mind for you and us. And this doesn’t necessarily mean increased pricing from us as with experience comes knowledge, expertise, efficiency, and effectiveness. However, we do of course need to cover the costs of our most valuable asset, our team, so this is of course taken into consideration.
  2. How long we believe the cleaning will take
    Decades of knowledge and expertise as well as the latest equipment and a highly trained workforce means we can calculate how long a cleaning job will take very accurately. Of course, if there’s a need for a deep clean then the time will increase.
    Velocity Tower
  3. Whether specialist equipment or specific cleaning chemicals will be required
    As with most commercial cleaning companies, we have our own equipment which we will use for particular types of cleaning, whether that’s ropes and platforms for high level cleaning, our own pole system for commercial window cleaning or our DOFF steam cleaners for cleaning of exteriors and facades including heritage sites and historic buildings.

    We manufacture our own commercial cleaning products which helps to keep the cost of the cleaning products lower than many of our competitors, and so we can provide competitive prices to our customers.

How investing in a commercial cleaner pays off

Of course, investing in a commercial cleaner for your business can pay off in a variety of ways. Here are some of the reasons we believe the investment is worth making.

  1. Healthy & safe working environment
    The Health & Safety Executive provides clear guidance on the importance of a safe and healthy workplace. You can find out more by visiting the Health & Safety Executive website.
  2. Productive workspace
    A clean workspace boosts productivity and ensures a safe working environment. A study by the Staples Inc found that 94% of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace, while 77% felt they produced better quality work in a cleaner environment.
    Window Sill Before & After
  3. Maintenance and replacement costs reduced
    There’s clear evidence that having a regular contract cleaner will help reduce maintenance bills and increase the longevity of your premises and equipment. In fact, in some instances, we prevent potential issues by completing maintenance work including clearing, cleaning and repairing gutters. We can even negate the need for replacing items such as windows.

    In fact, we recently helped a client who owned an office block with some window cleaning. After completing some test PVC frame and window cleans to show the customer what we could achieve, the client stopped the window replacement project which would have cost 1000s and would have been significantly more disruptive to workers in the offices.

    So, before you replace what might look like old and tired windows, ask the Pristine to complete a test clean to see just how well the team can rejuvenate your windows. If you can save on the cost and time of window replacement with a window clean from Pristine, why wouldn’t you? Call us on 0800 7311 783 or emailing
  4. Brand reputation – making a good impression
    Giving the right impression to clients that visit your premises as well as your employees is essential. Your premises need to look and feel professional and dare we say it, clean! As the saying goes, “First impressions count.”
  5. One less thing for you to worry about
    As busy business owners, there is so much to think about so why not take keeping your premises clean and tidy off the to do list forever. Contract cleaning provides peace of mind once you appoint the right commercial cleaning company for you.

Commercial Cleaning Rates

The final cost of cleaning your premises can vary from as little as £10 per hour to above £80 per hour depending on the type of cleaning to be undertaken, the equipment that is needed and the level of training the teams need to undertake the work.


Rates will vary as will quality, speed, flexibility, and efficiency. You can be assured that here at Pristine Commercial Cleaning, our aim is to provide the best quality commercial cleaning at minimum cost, so why not get in touch with us for a quote.

To find out more about how Pristine can help you with your commercial cleaning requirements, please contact us using our Quote form, by email at or by calling us on 0800 7311 763.

We hope you found this article of use. Scroll down and you can leave a comment below with your feedback and thoughts.

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