Pristine: Like Bond, Houdini, The Hardy Boys And The Milk Tray Man…

Think of the kind of work a commercial cleaning company may undertake. Maybe you’re imagining fairly routine tasks: like the emptying of some bins, the wiping down of kitchen surfaces, maybe the vacuuming of a few carpets…

Would you imagine James Bond-style feats of bravery and the accessing of awkward spaces even Harry Houdini would shy away from?

These tasks are all in a day’s work for Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd, who work across the whole of Yorkshire. Their reputation as a company that can not only competently carry out typical and perhaps mundane cleaning work, but who can tackle more treacherous cleaning tasks, is building by the day. From cleaning windows, facades and gutters of the tallest of tall buildings, to eradicating what could be dangerous chemicals from industrial sites and standing grounds, nothing

fazes the team at Pristine.

Of course, health and safety become the utmost concern when it comes to jobs out of the ordinary. Pristine have a vast range of equipment, scaffold, brushes and poles to get into every angle, nook and cranny, as they flush out dirt and grime, bacteria and spores, and the mulch and mould that could eventually take root and cause structural damage if not removed.

The team are as hardy as the Hardy Boys themselves, when carrying out the jobs no one else wants to do on a regular basis. Floors, walls, ceilings, roofs; inside and outside; no surface left uncleaned…Pristine does it all. It’s not just a quick spit and polish either; their deep cleaning services can remove layers and layers of grime and grease from kitchen vents, hard-to-reach dead spaces and air conditioning units. They can also revive what survives…think old, stone/wooden floors – Pristine can bring them to their former glory and restore their original beauty.

Their daredevil duties are just an aside to their core contract cleaning services, though, where they routinely overhaul offices, retail spaces, food outlets and industrial units on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Trusted key holders, they’re like the Milk Tray man; whether they work round your staff or attend your premises after hours, you can clearly see they’ve been, you just never really noticed them do it.

Whether your business is in North, South, East or West Yorkshire (and even further afield,

nowadays), Pristine can tailor their services to your requirements. Call 0800 7311 763 for more

information or a no-obligation quote; alternatively, complete our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.

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