Let Pristine Care For Your Office Carpets…

Whilst it’s fine to clean your own carpets at home, Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd wouldn’t recommend sanitising your office carpets yourself.

For the following reasons:

  • To maintain a professional image, all your carpets should be meticulously cleaned on a regular basis. Think about it, they come into contact with everyone that comes through the door (unless you have Superman as a client).
  • Different carpets could be made from numerous different fibres/materials; some of which may not be conducive to a good scrubbing with your trusty Vanish, for example. Pristine knows which solutions and what equipment will best clean every carpet they’re faced with. If you’re not an expert on carpets and their make up, you could do more harm than good.
  • It will take Pristine half the time to clean your office carpet than if you did it to the same standard. It’s what we do, day in, day out – we’re bound to be faster!
  • Carpets in retail and commercial settings get much more hammer than your lounge rug. A greater amount of grit, dirt and pollen will be forced deeper into the fibres of your carpets/rugs as a result. It may need more than the average Hoover to dislodge and remove it all.
  • With more feet trampling all over them, it’s more likely that commercial carpets will contain hard-to-remove substances, like gum. They may also have more stains or grease on them than the average carpet does. Specialist cleaning like this should be carried out by professionals to a) be successful, and b) preserve the carpet as much as possible.

And the most important reason is this…

  • Your time is better spent running your company or doing any one of the long list of jobs you’ll no doubt be tasked with. If you think getting in the professionals to clean your carpets is a cost to your business, so is the time it takes you to do it. The amount per hour that you’re worth to your company will be many times more what we’d charge you for the same period of time to clean your carpets.

Well, that seems pretty conclusive: Pristine should be the ones cleaning your office carpets on a regular basis – to uphold basic cleanliness, your brand image, and for health and safety purposes. It’s quicker, easier and cheaper for us to get down and dirty with your crud-covered floor coverings. Just think of Pristine as a magic fairy, who leaves only sparkle and shine in its wake.

Contact Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services on 0800 7311 763, or visit their website and complete the contact form, for a free, no obligation quote.

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