Clean, Hygienic Surroundings Save Companies Cash

Forget European negotiations and the chaos of Brexit, simple cleanliness can save Yorkshire businesses money, says Doncaster-based Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Limited, who believe clean workplaces can have a huge effect on the number of sick days employees take.

A clear desk promotes a clear mind, so the saying goes. But what impact does a clean one have? A study by personal injury solicitors Hayward Baker found that 69% of UK employees – more than 21 million – believe their workplace is a health hazard, citing such as greasy floors, poor air circulation and filthy toilets. 35% of those surveyed believed they’d picked up an illness from their working environment that resulted in them taking time off work to recuperate, whilst 39% admitted to suffering a workplace injury.

Too much clutter can become mentally oppressive as well as dangerous; rubbish piling up and dirty premises can be a sign of how much management cares for their staff. It’s difficult to imagine these same bosses as all hearts and flowers, pay rises and praise, when annual reviews come round. If you want to hold on to top talent, this isn’t the way to go about it.

Few employees and visitors actually notice a sparkling-clean, shiny workspace. “That’s how it should be,” says Tracie Dudley, joint owner of Pristine Clean, adding, “We unconsciously expect to see cleanliness as we go about our business. An environment only stands out when typical standards are not met, but it will be noticeable for all the wrong reasons”.

“Grubby windowsills can be breeding grounds for mould spores; unkempt and unhygienic canteens and toilets harbour thousands of germs and bacteria. Given how affordable it is to arrange the regular cleaning of your premises, both interior and exterior, there’s just no excuse. It’s a simple solution for business owners, who will reap the rewards via an enhanced brand image and fewer sick days taken by staff.”

“Competition across all industries is fierce enough without adding unclean, unhealthy premises into the mix. Taking care of your employees begins with the cleanliness and hygiene of their surroundings as they work hard to earn your company money. All you need to do is pick up the phone to Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services – our team can attend during your working hours or around them, and we offer a wide range of specialisms. All members of our cleaning teams are trained in-house and are trusted key-holders on our clients’ behalf.”

Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services has grown exponentially since Tracie and her business partner Chris Page launched the business three years ago. Should Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services continue this rate of growth, they’ll soon be making a clean sweep of the county…

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