After The Flooding Has Gone…

Recent flooding may be down to climate change, it may not. Whilst we could argue about the cause of the rising number of floods seen across Yorkshire during the last few years, it won’t change the fact that hundreds of businesses across the county have suffered quite an ordeal – some businesses, suffering more than once.

In places, barriers have been erected to minimise the amount of water coming into the neighbouring town or village should a river burst its banks, and in some areas, flooding is deliberately engineered across flood plains, i.e. dedicated fields and wasteland designed to absorb much of the extra liquid before it goes downstream towards houses and businesses.

The effect that flooding has had on domestic properties and commercial properties is horrific. When streams and rivers rise by many metres in a matter of hours, as a business owner, your priority isn’t cleaning up once a flood has receded, but protecting your stock, equipment, fixtures and fittings as the horror unfolds.

Eventually, as time marches on, the season changes and floods lessen (though they do also occur in summer). In better weather, at least, the warm air helps the extra water evaporate and dry more quickly.

Cleaning up after a flood is really not easy. It’s not just water that will have seeped into your business; clogged drains may mean raw sewage has been in and out of your premises, biological debris from bushes and tree and bits of random rubbish may also have floated in.

For the sewage reason alone, a deep, hygienic clean is necessary, whatever your business. This doesn’t mean soaking everything through with water again just as you’ve managed to dry it out; Pristine Commercial Cleaning Ltd has pressure washers, steam cleaners and more specialist equipment to do this dirty work.

If you serve food, all your equipment will need washing out thoroughly and disinfecting; your walls will need clean meticulously, as you can’t be absolutely sure just how high the water managed to reach at its worst. Carpets on higher ground may not have been touched by flood water, but they will have seen what could have been sewage-ridden, putrid water stamped over them as you raced to move things out of harm’s way.

A flood may take its time to clear but few businesses can afford to be closed longer than what’s absolutely necessary. The quicker you engage Pristine once the flood water has drained away, the quicker you could be back in business.

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