Who Cleans Up After You’ve Had The Builders In?

Builders build. That’s what they do. And whilst the more professional amongst them may tidy up after themselves once they’ve built your shiny, new factory/showroom/warehouse/office building, they won’t deep clean the entire area.

If you’ve ever had building work done in your home, you’ll know that building dust and dirt gets everywhere. You’ll have found small chunks of rubble and cleaned the same surfaces of plaster dust for weeks afterwards.

It’s no different in an industrial setting, it’s just on a larger scale. Whether or not you open to the public, the dirt must be shifted, permanently. No health and safety professional would sign off a building to welcome employees if there’s a risk of breathing in layers of dust, for example.

Dust also has a knack of simply moving from one surface to another; it’s incredibly difficult to obliterate altogether without the correct equipment. We’d advise leaving a short gap between the end of your building project and the start of the cleaning operation, as dust particles will cling to the air for a while before settling.

Once the area is clear of the brickies’ residue, it then needs fully sanitising before the building can be put up for sale, or before the resident company begins to trade. At Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd, we’re adept at knowing which surface warrants which piece of equipment and which cleaning solution. Let us take care of it.

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