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    Cleaning cladding is one of our specialities 

    A special service requires a special team, and you’ll find no better in Yorkshire than the team at Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services. Cleaning cladding is one of our specialities – we can make your cladding look as if it was applied yesterday.

    Cladding can easily become soiled and even change colour over time due to the layers of dirt and grime it carries. Once neglected, cladding can start to crack, allowing moisture and biological matter to get underneath the material and into the wall surface – the result being that, over time, the cladding crumbles and falls off. And after investing in this type of decorative façade, it’s even more expensive and counter-productive to not maintain it. Even specific stain removal on healthy cladding can cost more than a regular clean of the whole area.

    Our cleaning techniques are non-abrasive, and we can clean stone cladding, UPVC cladding, and cladding made from timber and concrete. The British weather is unpredictable and can be harsh at various points throughout the year. Your cladding braces itself against everything Mother Nature throws at it; it’s easy to see why it needs regular care, and who better to carry that out than the team at Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services.

    Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

    Office carpets are regularly vacuumed, walls painted when they show dirt marks and scuffs, but ceilings rarely get cleaned, yet they stain and gather dust just as easily and can be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

    It may not be that the ceiling just looks dirty (though, if you actively clean everywhere else, why stop at the ceiling?), but the health implications of a grimy and/or mouldy ceiling to your workforce could end up costing your business money, in the sickness days your team takes. 

    Some ceilings are so neglected that they bear tobacco stains from years gone by, as well as everything else that’s been drawn up by the ceiling materials since – Styrofoam and polystyrene are particularly absorbent in nature and they’re the most commonly used materials for office and workplace ceilings. Regular cleaning of ceiling tiles also extends their usage, which reduces the spend on their replacement.

    Cleaning a suspended ceiling is definitely a skill, and one in which we excel. We use non-toxic cleaning solutions and can carry out our services around your working hours – early morning or late evening – so as not to impact your business’s productivity. 
    We clean ceilings across the breadth of the Yorkshire county. Few cleaning companies pay attention to every surface, which is just one of the reasons why our clients remain loyal to us

    Other Services

    • Graffiti Removal
    • Machinery and Plant Cleaning
    • Confined Work Space
    • Lab and Testing facility Cleaning
    • Industrial Tank Cleaning

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      Our team strives to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.