When The Cat’s Away, The Mice Can…clean!

Christmas will soon be upon us (sorry, but it’s true!), and with it, parties, celebrations…and in most companies, time off. If you’re in retail or hospitality, time off at Christmas may seem a wonderful luxury, but for a lot of lucky office workers and people in the education sector, for example, they can look forward to up to two whole weeks away from their desk.

Great for staff. And an ideal opportunity for their employer to organise a thorough deep clean of their workplace, whilst the premises are largely empty.

Regular cleaning only takes care of surface dirt. Deep cleans may not need to be carried out every week, but they do need doing routinely – to keep the air clean, to ensure machinery and equipment works efficiently, and so that any bugs and bacteria don’t see the two-week holiday as an excuse to procreate and spread exponentially! Imagine starting the New Year off with a bang: half your workforce off with flu…

Though Pristine are the masters of cleaning workplaces with very little disruption, it’s logical that they can get to clean awkward spaces, air vents, stationary machinery, kitchens and toilets, and all public areas/walkways much easier, and therefore much more thoroughly, if the building is unpopulated. They have the room and the freedom to bring in specialist cleaning equipment to get rid of stubborn stains, etc. or apparatus to reach dead/high-up spaces.

Most offices will have had their trimmings up, too, in the run-up to Christmas and their extended holiday, which will have no doubt impaired regular cleaning and given the office a dose of tinsel-itis. Whether an artificial or real tree was put up by your employees, they both hold the capacity to shed their spruce.

The New Year is the prime opportunity to instigate a new start for your employees, which is much easier to do if they come back to a spotlessly clean office. Call Pristine on 0800 731 1763 for a free, no obligation quotation, or complete the contact form on our website and one of the team will get in touch.

If your premises could ask for a gift from Santa, we’re sure it would be for some TLC: a deep clean and thorough tidy…

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