Do Christmas Trees In The Office Give You The Needle?!

As a thank you to staff for another year of good work, because it’s expected, and because it brings a bit of warm cheer through the cold, bleak months of late autumn, trimming up a Christmas tree and stringing up tinsel is the done thing in most offices across the UK.

However, by the time your staff have adorned your walls and ceilings with a plethora of foil decorations, bunting, lights and tinsel, and erected a five-foot spruce in the corner, your office floor may look like that of a Nordic forest. It doesn’t matter if your tree is real or artificial, they will both shed their wares all over the floor. You’ll still be finding shreds of greenery well into February.

It would be churlish to not put up a tree or any decorations. Luckily, it’s possible to have your premises resemble Santa’s grotto whilst also presenting a perfectly clean, fresh, hygienic office. The best way to combat ‘furry floor syndrome’ and keep in top of the dirt and grime is to have Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd visit your premises – we’ll add more sparkle than Santa and his elves!

Decorating the office for Christmas, for some companies with eager employees, can begin in November, which means, by the time Christmas finally rolls around and you’re inviting clients, prospects and peers to your premises for a seasonal tipple and mince pie, the trimmings could be covered in dust, dead skin cells and food crumbs. Not the best advert for your business, is it? If you’re showing off your space, arrange for Pristine to give the whole place a good dust down. Your offices are bound to look more cluttered than normal, considering there’s a reminder it’s Christmas on every desk, in dead corners, and across the ceiling, but there’s no reason why the space can’t be as clean and shiny as any other time of year.

The task is made much easier if your office has a thorough deep clean before any trimmings go up, as their presence will make it more difficult to reach every nook and cranny. Decorating an already grubby office could lead to bacteria and mould multiplying behind the glitz and tinsel. Eventually, the air quality will be affected; your staff will no doubt rush to turn the central heating on when they arrive each icy morning, which creates a hothouse environment where micro-organisms positively thrive. If any of your employees suffer with asthma, this could aggravate their symptoms, so it’s always best to start trimming up after your premises have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

So, the moral of this story is: don’t wait to ask Santa for an immaculately clean office, just give Pristine a call on 0333 272 6612, or visit our website and complete our online form for a free, no obligation quote.

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