Being Busy In Business Can Have Its Downsides…

With Christmas already a distant memory for most workers, offices, factories and industries across the land will be well on their way to a successful, busy start to the new decade.

A New Year is enough to motivate many of us to be better disciplined and more productive in our work, which often results in manic Januarys – where numerous deadlines, projects and orders are met, and everything steps up a gear following the lull that is December.

You may not believe there are any downsides to a full diary, busy office or packed order sheet, but we’re aware of one, at least.

The busier a workplace, the untidier and dirtier it becomes. Cleaning and tidying take a back seat and become less of a priority when people are rushing around to meet customers’ expectations. As anyone in business knows, however, busy times don’t remain manic for long; one reason for this is because owners tend not to look for more work when they’re snowed under and concerned only with servicing the customers in front of them; therefore, a short-term trough often inevitably follows a peak.

During quieter times, when you return your focus to marketing and sales, you often need to make new connections and schmooze potential customers. How do you feel about inviting these precious, prospective customers back to that scruffy office?

Looking at your premises through their eyes, would they assume that you’re capable and in control if, when they visit, they’re faced with piles and piles of paper on every desk, bins overflowing, surfaces thick with dust, stinky toilets and floors that look like they haven’t seen a vacuum or mop in years? What kind of first impression would you be making?

A clean office should be fundamental. For the health of your employees and your business, maintaining a germ-free, spotless, gleaming workplace is a must in times of feast and famine – no exclusions. But, if you’re busy, you’re not going to have the time to see to the cleaning and maintenance of your business premises – and why should you? Your time is much better spent delegating (cleaning) work, strategising your future growth and promoting your company.

The cost of regular cleaning is easy to meet and maintain in most budgets. It’s not actually a cost if you think about it: it’s as much an investment into the marketing of your business and furthering of your brand than any advert or flyer.

Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services will ensure that your premises are always spruce, uncluttered and ready for visitors. Pristine will also help you reduce lost revenue from employee absenteeism, by eradicating nasty germs and bacteria in the workplace.

It’s good to be busy in business, but it’s easy for standards to slip as a result. Call Pristine today on 0800 7311 763, and we’ll literally mop up after you…leaving your premises as clean and shiny as a new pin.

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