Are Your Business Premises In A Prime Location?

It depends what is meant by ‘prime location’. In business terms, this usually means: in a place where there’s plenty of footfall and your branding can be easily seen. Where parking isn’t an issue, where a competitor isn’t adjacent (or even within a decent radius); where there may be other, complimentary businesses that attract customers. Where the rent is affordable and it’s easily accessible by road.

That last one can be a double-edged sword. If you’re near/on a B-road, you may not see quite as much traffic than if you were straight off a main road – or even a motorway, which is handy for some businesses…e.g. hotels, shopping complexes, petrol stations. For companies such as these, being on a busy road is a definite plus.

The downside, however, is that a lot of traffic is likely to pass. Great for sales, not so good for the fumes, grime and mud an endless stream of cars will inadvertently throw at your building. As soon as there’s a rainy day, you may as well kiss goodbye to clean windows and a tidy façade.

Winter, therefore, will play havoc with your façade, frontage and signage.

At Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd, the outside of our clients’ premises is as important as the insides; after all, what we initially see forms our first impressions. What would a gritty, grubby building suggest about the products it contains inside?

Think of car showrooms (all that glass!). They know how important it is that you’re seduced by the cars outside; not only do they ensure the vehicles parked up are gleaming, they also spend time and budget making sure the showroom itself is spotless. Otherwise, customers walking in may think, “Well, if they can’t be bothered to keep their showroom clean, can I trust that they’ll have paid attention to the car they want to sell me? Is it likely to break down the minute I drive off the forecourt?!”

The analogy would be the same, whatever the business.

Not every business is the easiest to clean, from the outside. Some older buildings, in particular, aren’t always a neat square shape. They may be listed buildings, the masonry of which would need specialist equipment to clean. The building may be tall and imposing, and health and safety a definite concern.

The easy answer is to leave it with Pristine. We’re the experts, and the people with the appropriate equipment. The people with a head for heights and the stomach for even the grimiest, dirtiest, most pungent area that needs a scrub.

Call Pristine on 0333 271 7758 or visit our website and complete the contact form, for a free quote with no obligation. Keeping your premises clean is never a waste of money, and you will never know how many customers have not just turned their nose up at your shabby shop but turned away altogether. Can you afford to take that risk?

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