A Makeover Gok Wan Would Be In Awe Of

If you’re considering engaging a commercial cleaning company to overhaul the façade of your industrial premises, you will probably come across the term ‘pressure washing’ during your research.

When it comes to masonry and other exterior surfaces, it’s clear that a traditional ‘spit and polish’ surface clean with a cloth and bucket of water won’t suffice. Compared with the interior of your building, the outer shell endures so much more dirt and damage; it needs something more powerful than simple elbow grease to clean it.

Inside your building, you’ll undoubtedly have flat surfaces to clean, e.g. desks, walls, windowsills. Most exterior facades are rugged, as a result of the UK weather creating grooves and channels, and awkward nooks and crannies. Whilst this may not seem an issue, fractures and chasms provide the perfect shelter and breeding ground for spores, seeds and dirt to multiply. Left untreated, this organic matter can cause larger cracks that allow moisture and grit to worm their way into the fabric of the building. Long-term, this can cause structural disturbance long-term.

Now we’ve explained why you need to clean the outside of your commercial premises we’ll detail why pressure washing (this can also be referred to as power washing) is the best way to obliterate contamination.

As the term suggests, pressure washing involves cleaning a surface using pressure. Water is blasted at around 200 times our normal atmospheric pressure. The reason why water is better directed at the surface is because chemicals, at higher pressure, could cause more damage than they attempt to redress; the polarity of water means it naturally ‘sticks’ to things. It therefore has the capacity to remove grit and substances nestled in each crevice.

The sheer force coming from a pressure washer makes it a piece of specialist equipment that requires someone appropriately trained to correctly wield it, i.e. standing at the most appropriate distance, angle; to assess the surface’s permeability, etc. When these aspects are appropriately addressed, watch for a makeover even Gok Wan would be in awe of. You probably won’t realise how dirty your façade has become until you see it alongside an area that’s been cleaned by a pressure washer.

Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd are masters of the power washer. When you witness an experienced team overhauling your façade, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief that you didn’t employ an amateur who could potentially create more damage than they’ve arrived to deal with.

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